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  • DescriptionSpeedChat, Wreck-It Ralph, Little Witch Academia. First fairy old PH was Paprika tomboy becaue before sparowmen. IfI say backwards means something oppoiste.
  • HobbiesBaking
  • Gendersecret
  • TalentBaking talent

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Let's listen to Lyria's otter story! 2018-03-26
Okay. Let's go! Where should we go? Okay.  Gotcha! ...
(39) Views|(1) Comments
Your name is very exotic! 2017-12-18
Twigs Light Green  Water Animal Light Blue Iridessa  Purple Make a wish! Water Rock Blaze is so sweet! ...
(115) Views|(0) Comments
Your name is so beautiful! 2017-12-14
Elixa Light Orange Pixies, Autumn has arrived! Brrr! The Winter Woods are cold! Huh? I love Prilla- don't you? Elixa ...
(96) Views|(0) Comments
Your name is just like mine! 2017-12-12
Hi there! Brown Thanks! You look just like a Frost Fairy! Purple ::Raincloud:: I feel fit as a fiddlehead fern! Animal ...
(102) Views|(0) Comments
Your name is sweet! 2017-12-07
Summer was so short! Purple Wait! No. Light Jasmine Tea Light Purple Jasmine Tea Wait! No. Let's try that again! Moon an ...
(124) Views|(6) Comments
Do you like my fairy name? Yeah! 2017-12-06
Your name is really fun! Water-talents shimmer! Let's tailor at Bobbin's Tailoring Nook. Light Green Wow! Look at those bubbl ...
(104) Views|(0) Comments

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WingsFlying The day before 20:23
Thanks!  I'm all about friends and fun!
MarieAngelica The day before 15:59
You're such a fun sparrow man!
You've won my heart, Donner!
MoonFields 2018-4-9 08:16
| Omg I didn't know you're into Martin Solveig! I saw Hello and it gave me so much memories. :' )
Venus 2018-4-4 18:27
AAAAAAAAAAA, I SAW YOUR PLAYLIST, "Dont Leave Me" I freaked out thinking it was a "Bits of Metal" (BTS) song! Hahaha
orngpltea 2018-3-30 16:31
WingsFlying: Hi!
What type of tea shall I pour for you?
I think so.
LOL yes !
orange peel tea, please !!  
Cookies 2018-3-30 15:59
WingsFlying: Thank you! Bake the jack-o'-lantern cookie at Dulcie's!  Thank you!

Wait! Huh? Oops!

Let's try that again!

Thank you! Garden  Thank you!

How are y ...
And you're welcomeeee! ^^
I'm doing pretty good! I STARTED SPRING BREAK TODAY!
Jasper 2018-3-28 20:27
WingsFlying: Hee hee!  I'm a flitterific fox!  What's that?  I can't understand you.  Hee hee!
Jasper 2018-3-28 00:42
RedRoseDay 2018-3-27 10:18
Your page is very comforting and relaxing - it speaks to my soul.

Happy belated Arrival Day! Glad to know that you were a member of the old PH too! Awesome!

Hope to fly with you soon.  
Cookies 2018-3-26 23:22
Villiana 2018-3-26 20:15
Happy Arrival Day, Donny! You're my favorite sparrow, you're so unique. I can never thank you enough for the precious, one-of-a-kind friendship you have given me. Love you so much, Donner. <3
thestargazer 2018-3-26 16:26
hope youre liking it here!
donkeyollie2004 2018-3-26 13:09
WingsFlying: Hi there!  Friends.  How are you?
im good! how are you?
donkeyollie2004 2018-3-26 08:09
basically just came on to say happy arrival day! miss u
MarieAngelica 2018-3-22 22:20
WingsFlying: Hi there!  Welcome to Pixie Hollow!
Thanks, WingsFlying!  It's a pleasure to be here!
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-3-22 01:45
m a g i c
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