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  • Just wanted to let y'all know that I spoke with Pandora and I have retired from being a mod. I feel like I was doing a poor job   Reply
  • If any of you ever find the song "Test" in my music box, don't bother with it. I'm testing out mp3 links with it (trying to find one for a certain song THATLL WORK). So yeah XD don't mind it Reply
  • Omw I went through my default album deleting stuff then deleted my page background    When I get on my computer I gotta fix it. Reply
  • I'm always super bored when my friends aren't on because I have nobody to talk to :') Reply
  • There! Page done for now. I may add some pics in the future, just need to think of what. I don't want EVERYTHING about my page to be just my fairy XDD Reply

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WinterSparkle 2018-8-4 20:09
Fungirl99000: hi! thank you! i love your space too <3
and cool!   
Thank you!!!!
TurtleMuffin 2018-8-2 18:24
Come to my partyyyyyy
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