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[2D edit] september/early october edit mood-board - "get well soon"

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PixieDelRey Post time 2018-10-8 00:03:04 | Show all posts |Read mode
hi everyone! ♡

not too long ago i got this idea for a monthly edit mood-board. i figured this could be a fun thing to do and maybe others would want to join me on making edit mood-boards. this is somthing i think i'd like to start doing and i would like to encourageand maybe even challange all the other artists/editors out there to try making one of their own edit/art mood-boards for the month of october.

for those of you intrested..

the basic idea:
⚬ pick a theme for the month
⚬ throughout the month, make some edits based off of the theme for the month
⚬ at the end of the month/ begining of next month, release the edits

i'd always like to see people different ideas and people adding their own twist. i plan on continuing this as a monthly thing and i'd love to see everyone else do so too! <33

the theme is "get well soon" and i chose this theme because the pat few years of my life have been filled with their trials and ive struggled with my personal demons, however, im well on my way to healing even if i still deal with these things in my life now. i'm deffinently sure im not the only one in this community who is going or has gone through the very same thing. i think more than anything in out community we need love and support for one another, i wanted to use my art as a platform to express that. I took a lot of time to make the edits, i also used this as an opertunity to improve and expiriment with my editing skills. i tried to do things i havent seen or done before such as a fairies arms/hands being positioned in a way other that what were use to and making my own full one piece dress.making this has provided some of the best experince and hopefully this post will provide some good memories.

now i just wanted to note that i'm posting this on my birthday (yay!) but i started working on this in september. this really falls in-between the months of september and october but i'm going to consider this as the "september" edit mood-board. this means that another moodboard for october will be coming this month!

now that ive gotten all of that out of the way, without further ado, i'd like to present the month of septembers mood board...
note: oof, this didnt work how i wanted it to the first time around, void the added pictures at the very bottom of the post and please enjoy!

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Nighty Post time 2018-10-8 11:07:14 | Show all posts
Time to go back to Tumblr.


fgkjnbfnkbfjbfkbfbjkfn screams  Post time 2018-10-8 12:19 PM
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ihaveausername Post time 2018-10-8 18:05:53 | Show all posts
Love these so much! Nice job with the editing/photoshop


thank you! i put my heart into the photoshopping/editing an i hope to make more in the future  Post time 2018-10-8 06:23 PM
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WinterSparkle Post time 2018-10-8 17:25:47 | Show all posts
Great job creating these! They are all amazing, love them <3


thank you very much! i appreciate the support  Post time 2018-10-8 06:23 PM
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PearlSnow Post time 2018-10-8 16:56:41 | Show all posts
Amazing job with these! I love the messages


thank you so much <3  Post time 2018-10-8 06:23 PM
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Michal Post time 2018-10-8 12:12:22 | Show all posts
these are amazing! great job mel <333


M I C H A L ILY tysm  Post time 2018-10-8 12:19 PM
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Fizzy Post time 2018-10-8 09:55:45 | Show all posts
Ahhh! I <3 this sm!


tYSM <33 ily  Post time 2018-10-8 12:19 PM
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MoonFields Post time 2018-10-9 22:07:30 | Show all posts
| Saw these just now oops :' )
| Liking the aesthetic here, Mel! I also do some art to feel better, and I'm glad that we're sharing the same thing.


YES KARMIE ILY, art heals <33  Post time 2018-10-9 11:29 PM
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xXCloverX Post time 2018-10-9 22:52:49 | Show all posts
Edited by xXCloverX at 2018-10-9 10:55 PM

Awesome job!! I love Rupi Kaur so much. I'm proud of you for prevailing (:


i absolutely love rupi kaur so much too. her poetry has helped me a lot. thank you for your kindness, art and love go hand in hand <33  Post time 2018-10-9 11:31 PM
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Pumpkin Post time 2018-10-10 08:29:20 | Show all posts
Edited by Pumpkin at 2018-10-10 08:30 AM

I am having connection problems so I can't see them but I am sure they are great. Mood boards seem like a great idea.


ahh, i'm sorry! this post itself is having big time issues to the point where they have completely disappeared for me but others see them perfectly fine. idk its a strange forum glitch  Post time 2018-10-10 03:51 PM
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