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[Story] New story by yours truly over on Wattpad!

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PrincessKawaii Post time 2018-8-3 16:13:25 | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by PrincessKawaii at 2018-8-3 22:16

Hello everyone!

How have you all been? I haven't posted in a long while because of a family-related matter which has been

taken care of, and all is good now so, here I am lil o'l me with a cute post again....but why in here ya wonder eh?


Because for the past half of the year 2018 I've been writing something so epic, half of you won't even know what it is

but you're gonna like it if you give it a try, I'm sure of it.

It took this long due to the fact that I couldn't find a suitable cover and I couldn't come up with a title, but

today both of those issues got solved (after a LOT of digging online jc) and here I present to you:

BAKUGAN BATTLE BRAWLERS: AVALON INVADERS - click this link to get to Wattpad!

I honestly hope you like it, so far I've only got two chapters put up though I've got plenty more written down...I don't

want to spill all the beans just yet hehe

If you're not familiar with this series, long-story-short it's originally a Japanese anime, but the Canadians aka SpinMaster

took it upon themselves to remaster it in English so the rest of the world could understand it.

Honestly, it is awesome. It's all about friendship, battling the evildoers and of course tons of drama between cute


If you do get involved you'll see just how 'spicy' the love department actually is in this series...so many ships and none

have sunk yet xD

A brief introduction of the characters is also in order, so here ya go:

1. Dan Kuso - the hotheaded leader ( as any anime leader of a hero team tbh) who is also the Pyrus master of

the team. His partner Bakugan is  Pyrus Drago and he's been with him since season 1.

Fun fact: He's the only one that's never changed Bakugan like the other two.

2. Shun Kazami - my personal favorite, the Ventus (wind) master and his partner Bakugan vary from season

to season - his first ever partner was Ventus Storm Skyress and his last one is Ventus Jaakor, who is present in my

story as well. Shun is a quiet, smart type of a person and the bonus cookie is that he's also the ninja of the team. He's always sneaking around and knows more than he says and just lets Dan have his way without arguing about what's wrong and what'sright. He's also Dan's childhood best friend and it's why he puts up with every 'drama queen' moment of his the whole time.

Fun fact: He actually liked Alice in S1 and it kept going on through the entire show. He's also the only one who has Bakugan that are ninjas like him for partners. He's even taught a kid that was their opponent in S1.

3. Marucho Marakura - Marucho is the 'brain' of the team and the Aquos master - his partners also varied from season
to season, his first ever one was Aquos Preyas who evolved and multiplied, creating Aquos Preyas Angelo and Diablo in
the evolution process in S1. After that the little guy switched partners in each season and his final one is Aquos Radizen.

Fun fact: All the Bakugan this guy has talk so freaking much and they cannot live without puns in battle.

4. Runo Misaki ( excuse me if the last name is misspelled) - She's Dan's girlfriend and childhood friend, but he's never

admitted it to the others, though they see it clear as day every single time. She used to be their fierce Haos master brawler, until she let her first partner Haos Tigrerra go back home and retired to become a Vestal technology expert later on.
She loves brawling and loves fighting for what's right.

Fun fact: She always yells at the others even when she's right. It's just Runo, your typical blue-haired anime girl who

has a squeaky as heck voice and yells at everything that moves.

5. Nia ( no last name for now) - She's my own personal creation. She's a princess of a land called Avalon. She's run to

Earth to seek help from the Brawlers after her city is crash-landed in New Vestroia ( like the Vestals when they landed on New Vestroia in S2) and her Bakugan Ventus Aura Glen is taken. He's thought to be a descendant of a special group of ancient Bakugan, but whether that's true remains to be seen in the story.

Fun fact: *spoiler* She's also a ninja like Shun, only not as good as he is. Added bonus is that she's a Ventus brawler
like him. And also, guess who saves her and believes her first? Of course, our ninja sprout Shun.

So, there ya go a brief-ish (whoops?) introduction of the so-called 'cast'. There are a lot more

side-characters that are part of the actual series' seasons but, let's not overdo it here xD

For now enjoy all this, and I'll make sure to keep this updated and of course I'll work on the Miraculous thing as well,

and oh I also am writing something related to How To Train Your Dragon - kind of something that happens after the

series but before movie 3. That's also posted, one chapter's up go in my works on Wattpad it's there.

Now, finally thank you so so much for reading all this, and I'll leave you to explore my Wattpad page

and to enjoy all/some of my works!

Have a good morning/day/night!

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LovelyRae Post time 2018-8-3 16:55:44 | Show all posts
Ah I love Wattpad!!! My username is @I_Lovely_Rae
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Starreyes Post time 2018-8-3 18:15:56 | Show all posts
Sounds awesome!!!
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RaeCollins Post time 2018-8-4 13:54:04 | Show all posts
Sounds cool! I have a Wattpad account too! (It's Marvel_fancomics)
I'd be happy to read your story on it.
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Nighty Post time 2018-8-4 14:49:17 | Show all posts
Sounds cool the way you set it all up. Will start reading it soon :-)
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Crystal2780!! Post time 2018-8-6 12:56:44 | Show all posts
So, it is a fan-made story?
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 Author| PrincessKawaii Post time 2018-8-7 02:17:21 | Show all posts
Crystal2780!! replied at 2018-8-6 18:56
So, it is a fan-made story?

Yes, a fan-made story xD
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