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anastasia-lock 2019-6-17 21:58
Fungirl99000 2019-6-16 16:28
Jasper: Sick lol... Trying to be more active on here since school let out :P wbu?
Oof, that stinks, hope you get better soon. I was sick a couple weeks ago and it isn't fun xP But I've been doing fine recently. School ended for me a few days ago so I can just relax and enjoy the summer now.
Fungirl99000 2019-6-16 14:51
Jasper: Hi Grace ^^ long time no chat
Hi! Yeah, it's been a long time >< How have you been?
anastasia-lock 2019-6-14 16:43
Jasper: I've Been... Watching The World From Afar. I've Been... Trying To Be Where You Are. You'd Be.... Perfect With Me But You Don't See Me.... I've Been... ...
I Am In The Mood For Some Sweet Dreamland In The Sky!!!!
anastasia-lock 2019-6-14 01:05
Falling Apart...
beanytomo 2019-6-6 20:27
SIA_18 2019-5-31 22:24
Hey beautiful ;)
wanderlust 2019-5-31 11:21
hey ja$
LooneyTunes♥ 2019-5-27 21:15
my king *-* <3
anastasia-lock 2019-5-23 05:09
Jasper: Okay. Bye!
anastasia-lock 2019-5-23 05:08
Jasper: Hello, Miss Anastasia-Lock. It Appears That You Have Not Been Online In Six Years, Though I Have Cordially Invited Thee To Join Me In-Game Several Tim ...
Six Years...But I Am All About Friends And...Fun!!
anastasia-lock 2019-5-23 04:45
Jasper: I'm still loving that one random cropped picture of Donner tbh like ana couldn't you atleast take a pic WITH him smh
anastasia-lock 2019-5-23 04:43
Jasper: Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! I hope to see you in-game :D
Hi! I'm Anastasia, welcome to! I barely see you in-game anymore but ok!!
anastasia-lock 2019-5-17 06:04
oh my god hello  
Rhodon 2019-5-12 20:35
Jasper: hi i miss u
pawpaw i miss you more
smallapple403 2019-5-8 19:35
askjdfl hi
SapphireGlitter 2019-4-20 17:26
Thanks Jasper for replying to my thread! I did not mean it in a mean way I know mods work very hard. I just wanted to make sure word got out. Because until I found that fix it had been months since I was able to post photos! So I'm sorry if I sounded a little rude... I really did not mean it that way. I also know you are all working on the 2.0 so I should not have been so pushy about things. Thanks again Jasper! Also Btw awesome page!
Blue_Hiraeth 2019-3-22 01:29
Thanks for helping me to minister! :D
Rachshanin 2019-3-17 16:40
Why can't I make a group? It wont let me
Rhodon 2019-2-27 02:21
did you disappear or what

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