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  • hope everyone had a good holiday!! Reply
  • hey guys. what yall doing tonight? Reply
  • guess who just became a pixie pal :DDDDDD Reply
  • i changed my username from rina to thestargazer!!! let me know if u guys like it :) im excited about the change Reply
  • ya girl is tired Reply
  • good morning everyone (: Reply
  • yall im so tired Reply
  • btw where is everyone??? Reply
  • bored  Reply
  • currently with luna, daisy, ali, anatasia and breezy!!! Reply
  • tbh i hate when people make serves for 2 or 5 people... Reply
  • currently hanging out with lightningstorm, daisy starglow,, nightstorm, breezy wintersage, juniper ... Reply
  • i met another fairy named stargazer today and her ID was over 20,000!!!! Reply

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frinds 2022-4-29 19:21
i like pixe hloow
Lorry 2019-9-26 06:17
thestargazer: girl i  love your avatar!
hehe usagi rights !
Fungirl99000 2018-7-28 22:06
thestargazer : I come in peace!! the rules state: "1.1.6, personal info or real person pictures, either from you, your friend or from a popular star." unde ... If you look in section 3, it says "user information contains inappropriate contents or real person information will get notification to change, those who refused to change or ignored the notification for 7 days will get edited with a 30 days mute." I believe real person information also includes pictures of people's faces ... ...
Fungirl99000 2018-7-28 19:53
Hello. Real person pictures are not allowed here. Please remove them. Thank you.
JulieBubble 2018-6-13 18:13
thestargazer: ur back girl!!!
Yes I am! :)
anastasia-lock 2018-5-19 10:53
cute page. ^-^
zance 2018-4-3 23:59
I see. So you're team Dany?
Butterflies 2018-3-29 20:53
I really like your page!<3
AkilinaBirdie 2018-3-29 09:28
thestargazer: love your albums!!
Thank you! :)
catcatherine 2018-3-27 17:49
rina: COOL PAGE OMG!!!
thanks love!!
RedRoseDay 2018-3-27 10:51
rina: great page! <3
Thank you. Your page has a magical quality to it that makes me smile - very well done and beautiful.
thestargazer 2018-3-26 23:28
that section is regarding rules about what you cant post on threads and what will get them deleted. like i said, i've just seen them on other peoples pages
Jasper 2018-3-26 23:14
rina: i've seen countless 'real person' gifs on peoples space, i dont see the problem
Where at?

Section 1.1.6 FairyABC rules "No real person pictures, either from you, your friend or from a popular star."
BlushBunny 2018-3-26 22:51
rina: loving the music girl
Hehe ^^
Jasper 2018-3-26 21:46
Sorry, real person pictures are against the rules. please remove the gifs from your page ASAP, thank you.
louiselouisa 2018-3-26 17:26
Thank you so much!! :)
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