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I Change The Content A Lot
Fear in her eyes and paleness of a vampire,

She approached the elder one,

Full of wisdom, but empty of satire,

She whispered in his ear,

"I am mad, for I see visions",

He knowingly glanced and said "It is not madness - it is the belief you and I hold, dear".

Art takes time. Chaos takes seconds. Both are beautiful.
More Art -- Eden <3 2018-06-04
IF y'all remember my old page, y'all would know that I had this chic on my page's content area~ Well, she's hot and I love her so I'm posting h ...
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My first art upload - The Blue Peacock 2018-06-02
She is the Blue Peacock. She dances to the tune in her heart, even when she knows that it is a lie. The concept behind this piece was to warn pe ...
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  • website
  • DescriptionI am a rose by any other name.
    You can find me in the land of dreams, surrounded by others of my kind.
    Do not be afraid to feel the rhythm of life.
  • HobbiesCreating art and being deep in general.
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentArt talent

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wanderlust 2018-6-17 12:43
i'm a baobab :(
Nighty 2018-6-5 14:15
roseinthetardis: ;> Anytime
i just noticed your name has tardis, hello like where have you been. drwho is great
Nighty 2018-6-5 03:15
roseinthetardis: I love your page so much oh my Lord   
;^)))) ty ty
TempestHusky 2018-6-5 01:03
roseinthetardis: I was expecting husky cuteness :(
If it helps, I own a husky. She's pure-white and has brown eyes and a dash of pink above her nose. She's 5 years old but she's still tiny. She was the runt of the liter but that doesn't mean I love her any less- more, actually.
Dresses24 2018-6-4 18:56
roseinthetardis: Thank you! Your page is gorgeous <3
asdfghjkl nu yours is better :3
Dresses24 2018-6-3 23:51
omg I love your pagee the concept is so cute im-
Iɴғιɴιтy 2018-6-3 17:09
roseinthetardis: Amazing page :D
Thank you, truly~
Blue_Hiraeth 2018-6-3 02:05
roseinthetardis : I absolutely love your page! I could tell right away you were a Water Talent! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE ONCER HERE TOO GIRL. Awesome page and thanks for the kind ... Aw tysm <333 Oh yay I'm glad :D There're all these new talent options you can choose for your fairy but at the end of the day nothing can replace my true water talent spirit <3 Yaaaas I need to add to my OUAT album RIP D: Do you have a favorite character? Mine's Regina (though I really want Emma's bug ;D). Ty again and oc ... ...
Villiana 2018-5-30 16:45
roseinthetardis: Haha, no worries - everyone makes typos. It's just Harmony. I couldn't come cause night in Eastern Time is early morning where I live. I do - I posted ...
Ahh alright. And cool. I saw the outfit, it was fabulous, love your sense of fashion. <3
Villiana 2018-5-29 16:23
roseinthetardis : Hello, Villiana! My name is Rose (call me Teal or Aden or..anything, really, haha!), UID 21769. In game, my name is Harmony. Thank you so much! I am s ... Oh, my goodness, I made a typo, my UID is 2548, look at me being a silly goose again, :P Anyways, in the game is your name just Harmony or do you have a last name? I may have seen you around too! If not, hope to see you tonight at the Flower Moon Ball, do you have an outfit ready? <3 ...
Villiana 2018-5-29 16:10
Hi!! My name is Villiana. UID 2458 in the game, my fairy's name is Nilla. I love your page! The fact that you make those pieces of art, is simply amazing.  You're extremely talented, loving everything about your style. <3
RedRoseDay 2018-5-28 14:03
Your artwork is amazing! Would you mind drawing my fairy for me?
eleanorpixie 2018-5-10 09:07
Tealrozes: Hi! Thank you for the kind words
Nice to meet you~
Anytime, Rozie <3 Let your talent spark into wildfire!
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-4-28 23:18
Tealrozes: ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))O<
honk honk
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-4-28 01:41
arianator3942 2018-4-23 22:22
welcome to pixie hollow
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