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  • In addition to, I make music videos (mostly KH ones), tell stories on, and watch shows and movies.  I also play select video games, draw (sometimes), & tell more stories!! ... Reply
"'No matter how deep the Darkness, a Light shines within.  I guess it's more than just a fairy tale.'"

  --  Sora Hikari

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  • DescriptionI am a Storytelling Specialist and a Keyblader, mainly thanks to my loyalty to, appreciation for, and comprehension of all the work Disney has done over the years. Through the ''Butterfly Princess'', Butterfly Island and Mystical Vale are interconnected.
  • HobbiesStorytelling, Playing Kingdom Hearts, Drawing, LEGOs, Disney, Spending Time With Pheobe Wildflower
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  • TalentStorytelling talent

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"Kingdom Hearts 3" Story (Possible Sneak Peek)!! 2017-09-28
Seeing as I still am not quite sure what to say in these blogs, I decided to share with all of you a full chapter from my first major "Kingdom Hearts ...
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Addition of Music? Yet.... Why Those Songs? 2017-09-27
Hello There!!  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  This is my second post, and I honestly am unsure what to state in it!! ...
(23) Views|(2) Comments
FIRST ENTRY -- True Friendship!! 2017-09-26
Hello There, everyone!!  Welcome to my blog. To be honest, this is the first blog I have ever created.  So, I am not exactly sure what to ...
(33) Views|(0) Comments

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Hummingbird10 2019-2-10 19:27
I LOVE these characters, sonny!! =)
Hummingbird10 2019-2-10 19:25
I LOVE these songs!! Thank you, Crystal!!
Jeocalix-Inminf 2019-1-3 21:52
God bless you!
Jeocalix-Inminf 2019-1-3 21:52
Happy New year!
Dresses24 2018-11-2 20:13
ah your page is really cute~
Whisper 2018-10-30 22:48
Hello Crystal,

Well it seems I cannot leave you a comment on your thread as I am not allowed
Anyway I just wanted to say your home is adorable and you decorated it beautifully.

Whisper (Quicksilver Cloudshimmer)
arianator3942 2018-10-10 15:01

Happy birthday crystal
ihaveausername 2018-10-8 18:50
Hi, Crystal! I haven't seen you around recently- well, whatever it is, I hope it gets sorted out. Hope to see you in the game soon!
ViolinistGirl 2018-8-20 14:16
I love your header!!!
Starreyes 2018-8-20 11:16
TBH - I love your space! Blue is my favorite color sooo... Also, I love Donald Duck and Disney in general!! You're always so nice!

~ Harmony
GoldenFlower 2018-8-12 22:35
Whoa! I didn't know RedYuley was your sister! That is so cool!
StarNova11 2018-6-10 22:20
Crystal2780!!: I LOVE your Music section!!  I would like to add ''I Can Only Imagine'' to my own playlist.
Yet, due to an incident where I defended my Faith against  ...
I am glad you stood up for what you believe in. I hope I don't get reported.
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-5-30 17:12
Crystal2780!!: I like your profile picture!!  My Sister, RedYuley727787, shall certainly love it, too -- Fawn is her favorite Disney Fairies characters.
Crystal Thanks!!! I already put a picture to all the profile
PixieDelRey 2018-5-24 23:23
Crystal2780!!: I have not seen nor heard from you for a very LONG time!!
ive been dealing with my personal life. ill be back offically eventually
zance 2018-5-18 19:47
Crystal2780!!: I had to laugh at the link in your description.  Nice page!!
Thanks, Crystal!
thestargazer 2018-3-16 09:27
i love curious george!!
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