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  • website
  • DescriptionHello everyone ~
    Call me Yumiko, or Silver {I do prefer Silver, though}... I am a very shy person that does not speak english so well óuò '
    I'm still learning how to use this website.. I hope to find friends with common interests ^^
  • Hobbies* I spend my day dreaming about stories, I tend to run away from reality with them
    * With my daydreams, sometimes I like a lot of a plot that it turns out a story that I actually {try to} write it.
    * I love to draw my characters, I spend my day thinking about them!
    * I love anime, but I rarely watch because I'm too lazy with episodes
    * I also {try to} do MMD models
    * I love read about zodiac, astrology, crystals and flowers ~
    * I am a beginner in witchcraft
  • GenderMale
  • TalentArt talent

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FaunaAspenleaf 2020-9-24 10:57
Hi! Welcome to the hollow! You have a beautiful page here.
SapphireGlitter 2020-9-13 10:09
Yumiko: Hello, it's good to be back, I feel a positive vibe when I'm here ~ and thank you very much ~   
I know how you feel! Everyone here is so nice! And playing pixie hollow again is very calming! And your welcome! Glad we are friends now too!
SapphireGlitter 2020-9-12 13:32
Hi welcome back to fairyabc! I love the new profile!
Lavender-Marie 2017-2-25 13:29
Welcome to FairyABC!
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ꕥ In game
{1.0} I'm Silver Lightgarden, a garden talent fairy

{2.0}I have five fairies in the game, there are they

Faith Lovelycurl {Garden} | Dewey Sugarvalley {Tea making} | Kylee Bubbletree {Art} | Newt Wintergem {Frost} | Lily Sweetleaf {Story telling}
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