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MoonFields 2018-8-15 05:09
Akui: What do you mean?
| Drawn on paper kind of artwork, cause I left some supplies at home aaahh
MoonFields 2018-8-15 04:38
Akui: Do you have time for art requests?
| Hello! Well I am, but I am stuck with traditional for the time being. XD
MoonFields 2018-8-4 21:29
Akui: I was having very strange thoughts about a new job. May I message you on Discord?
| I am so sorry for the late reply, I passed out. But sure you can!
MoonFields 2018-8-4 13:33
Akui: How are things going? I have not talked to you in a while. I am curious.
| Oh it's been okay! Last week of school for me and have to go on vacation on the first day off. XD How 'bout you?
MoonFields 2018-8-4 13:24
Akui: Hello! Your page is looking fabulous, as always.
| Ahhhh thank you Akui~~ :' D
Nighty 2018-6-22 16:30
Oooh that cute Re-l Mayer pfp. Nice
eleanorpixie 2018-6-18 01:53
Akui: I am very impressed by your page.
Thank you! <3
eleanorpixie 2018-6-18 01:51
Akui: It would be fun to write stories about royalty and kingdoms.
GoldenFlower 2018-6-5 21:55
I love your page so much! <3
Fzrasu 2018-6-2 19:30
Akui: Hello. I feel really bad for asking this, but why do I keep becoming nude on the 2.0 version? I also cannot change into pants because my journal will  ...
sorry, glitching at this moment
WinterSparkle 2018-4-17 19:11
Akui: What a beautiful page! I like all the designs.
Tysm!!! :)
WingsFlying 2018-3-21 23:50
Akui: I think you should create a Q&A on your page! Do you think so too?
Wow!  Cool!  How do I do that?
WingsFlying 2018-3-19 08:44
Akui: Thank you. May I ask a question?
Sure!  What's up?
WingsFlying 2018-3-18 14:10
Cool! Cool! Cool! ::rock::  ::singing::
Dawn 2018-3-11 18:34
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Butterflies 2018-2-20 22:14
Akui: Thank you! I love your fairy name.
Aw thank you so much!<3
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