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  • DescriptionFairy Crystal Aspencloud in game. Lives in a pineapple under a pineapple.
  • HobbiesReading, Writing, Drawing Although I Am Not At All Good, People Watching Because I'm An Introvert. Capitalizing Random Words For No Good Reason.
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStorytelling talent

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  • I’m bored to death but I have so much to do... Reply
  • Si vous lisez ceci, vous connaissez le français ou avez utilisé un service de traduction en ligne. Je t'ai eu. Reply
  • If there is a Fabc discord, I would love to join. Does anyone know and/or have the link they can give me? Reply
  • My new favorite thing to say is "Excuse you." Reply
  • I had to put my little dog down a couple days ago. Probably won't be at FCF this week. I'll miss you guys. Reply
  • I just randomly decided to start listening to 80's music. Then I realized why I don't listen to 80's music. Reply
  • I just turned older. Reply
  • I'm back. Reply
  • Believe it or not, pink is not my favorite color. Reply
  • If anyone knows what I'm doing, please let me know because I sure don't. Reply
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It's my birthday. 2019-08-15
Hello Lovely People,          I thought I'd post another blog today because it's my birthday! I'm turning some undeterm ...
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An Introduction 2019-06-21
Hello everybody! I'm Crystal. Since this is my first blog post, I thought I'd tell you all a little bit about myself. First, I'm an INFP. Howeve ...
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Jasper 2019-10-4 22:54
Springbrook: lol, you're welcome. (If you have a different song you'd like, tell me and I'll consider it.)
Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode <33
Jasper 2019-10-1 11:27
I just saw your music box OH MY GODJFDKJSHFGJD
FloraSeastone 2019-9-3 00:16
Springbrook : I like writing poetry too! I don't know how deep or insightfull some of them are, they are mostly just poems that I think are funny. I write mainly fa ... One of my favorite funny poems is "A Bug Sat in A Silver Flower" by Karla Kuskin (it's short and has an unexpected ending). I'm a sucker for sonnets, but I try to write some free verse or other structured poetry sometimes. My favorite is writing poetry about ordinary things in a way that makes them seem special. Other times I ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-31 15:11
Springbrook : Congratulations on not having to do school anymore! I really enjoy creative writing as well. In fact I have no less than thirty-two (32) story ideas t ... Thanks! (Can you believe I'm considering going back?) 32! Wow, you go! At least you're organized enough to count them. Haha, I believe you'd get that gold procrastination medal. Lately I've been writing more poetry than short stories, but when I write fiction, I like fluffy romance, magical settings, and/or characters I'd ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-30 22:15
Springbrook : I can't actually decide if I'm exited or not. I'll have to see what my workload will be like, and how my professors grade. I'm taking some interesting ... Yeah, the first week of school can be really different from the rest of the semester. I loved getting to pick the classes that interested me when I was in college (I graduated not too long ago). I love writing. Creative writing is fun, but so is writing essays for English classes or other classes. Admittedly, getting starte ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-26 20:06
Springbrook : Sorry for my late response, (I had a friend over and then school started). Honestly, while still cringe worthy for sure, your pun was much better than ... Happy back to school! Well, I don't know if you're excited or not. What are you looking forward to and what are you dreading? That's a good point. My sense of humor isn't very dark, and there's a lot of people who can make a joke out of things that I think aren't very amusing. And humor has changed a lot--what was funny thi ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-22 23:19
Springbrook : I'm sure that in this bonkers world we live in, someone has invented pain relieving nose drops. There are a lot of possibilities for a pun using bread ... "Bread only brings me pain. . . " *groan* Yeah, pretty corny, but nice job. Here's one of the precious few jokes I know in Spanish: What kind of fruit waits at the bus stop? Es pera. (Es pera = it is a pear, espera = wait). (You can groan.) I wonder too about different humor from different cultures. Which cultures have dark ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-22 00:25
Springbrook : I know! It's pretty funny. Your nose actually gets sore, and it feels weird. I can imagine though that studying a language like German or maybe Norweg ... That's wild! You have a point. I wonder if anyone has tried to develop gels or ointments for language pains. I'm sure regular antidotes work, like cough drops or . . . nose drops? Is that a thing? Maybe other languages might take a toll on your tongue or your cheeks. I'm trying to form a bilingual pun about pain/bread, but ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-21 13:45
Springbrook: Thank you so much for the recommendations! I will definitely check them out. I'm not exactly sure why I chose French, other than the fact that everybo ...
Good for you for trying something different. Oh no, does your nose really start to hurt?? That's pretty funny. I don't know any other language like that.
FloraSeastone 2019-8-20 00:50
Also, whether you had a choice of languages or not, I applaud you for studying French. I think it's a beautiful language, but I've always been intimidated by the spelling and pronunciation...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-20 00:44
Springbrook : I agree, I do like &quot;When Can I See You Again&quot; and most of his upbeat songs. I also occasionally tend to stray towards the somewhat depressin ... Yeah, he does the more moody songs really well. I haven't heard "Waving Through a Window" yet--I should! Knowing if you'll like a song in the first few seconds is a neat superpower. I usually have to listen to it the whole way through and see if I would listen to it again. I don't know French, but I've got two songs by the ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-19 23:33
Springbrook : I am actually really picky when it comes to music. I listen to classical music sometimes, but mostly I just listen to the random mix of songs that I l ... That makes sense. I also took piano lessons when I was younger. I can technically still play, but nothing complicated--I mostly just re-learn the stuff I knew ages ago. I'd love to learn the harp or the saxophone. I love Owl City, too! I like some of his pop-y and danceable songs ("When Can I See You Again?") as well as th ... ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-18 21:47
Springbrook : Hey Flora! Thank you so much! The Swan is actually part of a fourteen movement musical suite by Camille Saint-Saens. It's called Carnival of the Anima ... That's pretty cool. I should listen to some of the other movements. I don't know Yo-Yo Ma's music very well, but I do like his cover of "My Favorite Things" and some songs from his album called Obrigado Brazil. Do you listen to classical a lot? Or do you play an instrument? ...
FloraSeastone 2019-8-17 18:10
Hi Crystal/Springbrook! "The Swan" in your music box is lovely. Is it from a movie? (Also, I don't know why I couldn't see the full message in your friend request, but we're friends now, anyhow.   )
Jasper 2018-5-23 20:06
Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions, I hope to see you in-game :D
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