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Do you need help planning an event? Here's a template to get started!

STEP 1. Decide on basic information!

- Event name

- Date, time, time zone (Make sure your event doesn't conflict with another!)

- In-game location

- Server name

- Theme or dress code (Optional)

STEP 2. Announce your event!

- Post your announcement thread before the event, preferably at LEAST a couple of days beforehand so pixies have time to prepare!

- Include an invitation graphic (Optional but encouraged)

- Include the information from above

STEP 3. Plan ahead!

- Think of a rough schedule. Most events have 3 games! If you need help picking, I'm free to help.

- Decide on how to take pictures. Will you ask a friend to be a photographer? (Optional if you're doing a Recap thread afterwards)

- Don't forget to remind pixies either on the forum or in the Discord server on the day of your event!

- Most importantly: have fun!


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