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My experience with Pixie Hollow
Favorite PH memories: If I had to choose, probably participating in fashion contests that my fairy friends held. It was also really relaxing just to spend lots of my free time decorating my fairy's little abode.

Favorite meadow: Chilly Falls is the most aesthetically pleasing place in Pixie Hollow, so I'll go with that :p

Favorite minigame: Harvest Hustle

Favorite shop: Queen's boutique (my favorite QB outfit is the Ravishing Rosette gown if I had to choose. In fact, it was the outfit that my fairy wore during PH's last day)

Why I joined PH:

Back during 2007, I had an obsession with Disney-related stuff, especially the Disney princesses and Disney fairies. Although my memories about pre-2009 PH are fuzzy at best, I definitely remember making a ton of fairies that I ended up eventually deleting :p. Oh well. I started playing PH back in late 2008, but I didn't get a membership until February 2009.  Ever since then, I was absolutely preoccupied with the site.
A little more about moi
Personality type: INFP-T

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Favorite foods: tacos, pasta, all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood (especially sushi), chocolate desserts, and red curry.

Favorite animals: cats, dogs, llamas, conures, and chameleons

Favorite colors: hot pink, sky blue, and violet

Some other things I like: lo-fi music, the visual arts, linguistics, astronomy, coffee, wearing dresses, colorful makeup, and cold weather

Some things I dislike: humidity, exams, having to make phone calls, olives, slow internet
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  • DescriptionHello there!

    It's a me, SpongyCake! I am also known as Petunia on 1.0 and Stargazer on 2.0.
  • websitehttp://
  • HobbiesDrawing
    Eating (lol)
    Shopping (when I actually have money, that is :p)
    Learning other languages (currently learning Japanese atm, but I know a good amount of French, Italian, and German)
    Going for walks
    Petting cats
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentFrost talent

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TheCuriousSeed 2020-11-4 18:30
Moon and hearts, this is amazing!
MoonChildPotter 2020-8-31 20:23
Your profile is so pretty. Love the glowing hearts!
~ XO Moon
Shiloh-chan 2018-2-6 00:32
Welcomes! Glad I met ya in the hollow ^^ I hope you're enjoying this site! xD Bai-bai.. heh' ~Shiloh
SpongyCake 2017-8-27 19:16
aw, thanks. :)
louiselouisa 2017-8-25 17:27
Welcome to FairyABC!
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