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Creative Journalling Ideas

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Fly with you! With summer quickly approaching, you may want to do some creative journalling. Here are some prompts inspired by Pixie Hollow.

  • Design a room for your fairy. You could either describe it in words, or you can do it in 2.0 or an editing program and print it out
  • Take a creative screenshot of your fairy in the Hollow
  • Design an outfit for your fairy, but don't just dress her up. Actually draw an outfit
  • Which Pixie Hollow character could you most identify with and why?
  • Design a new furniture item for Pixie Hollow either in words or as a picture
  • Create a graphic edit related to Pixie Hollow and print it out
  • If your fairy were to have her own book (or a series of books) about her, what would it be called (feel free to make the title punny)? What would the cover look like? Will it be a series?
  • If you were to design a Pixie Hollow shop what would it sell? What would it be named? Where would it be located? Who would the shopkeeper be? What would it look like?
  • Create a potion using materials that could easily be found in Pixie Hollow/Neverland. What would its effect be?
  • What makes your fairy the best at her talent? What do you love most about it?
  • Create a wilderness task. What animal would you be helping and how would the talent skills be used to help it?
  • Write a short story, but try to make it mostly Speedchat phrases
  • If you were to create a silly sweet, what would it look like? What effects would it have? What ingredients come into it? Is it seasonal?
  • If you (or one of your friends) were a silly sweet, what would it be?
  • What's your favorite Pixie Hollow memory from each season?
  • Find a fairy related coloring sheet online, print it out and color it
  • Create a meme related to Pixie Hollow and print it out
  • Write a song parody that relates to Pixie Hollow. If you aren't that good at songwriting, do a nursery song
  • Create a talent game. You could draw a picture of what it looks like if you want. How do you play it? Which famous fairy would host it? What would the rewards be? Which meadow would it be in?
  • Write a fun, wacky story with you and your friends. You could include friends from FairyABC or make your real life friends fairies
  • Write a Pixie Hollow poem. Try writing a heiku, acrostic poem or any method
  • If your fairy were to go on a vacation to the mainland, where would she go? What would she want to do there? What souvenir or type of postcard would she send you? What would she post about it on social media?
  • If you were to travel to Pixie Hollow or Neverland for a summer vacation what would your itinerary be? What would you most want to see or do?
  • Make your fairy a guest star in your favorite TV show or create a TV show with Pixie Hollow characters in it
  • If there were a school in Pixie Hollow, what types of classes would there be?
  • If you were to create a holiday that would be separated in Pixie Hollow, when would it be? What is its origin? How would it be celebrated?
  • What pet would your fairy have? How would she train it?
  • What new talent skill would you add to Pixie Hollow?
  • What new ingredient would you add to Pixie Hollow?
  • What would a selfie your fairy took look like? Create an image and print it out
  • Design a new, magical world. It could be part of Neverland or the mainland
  • What's your favorite thing about Pixie Hollow? What would you like to be added to it?
  • What would a daily routine for your fairy look like?
  • How many words can you make out of PIXIE HOLLOW?

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Funnily enough, I've already done some of these ideas before I even knew said prompts existed.

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