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[Story] Saving the Autumn Revelry Again

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As promised, a story about the Autumn Revelry!

~"It is said that there are at least twenty main talents and many more sub-genres of talents," quoth Snowflake Neverlily, a Star Counting Historian. "Some guilds are rarer than others. For example, for quite a while, Prilla was the only Belief Talent in all of Neverland, but before her, Zarina was the first Dust Keeper to become a Dust Alchemist. There is also Queen Clarion, our matriarch, as well as Lord Milori, the Lord of Winter and the Ministers, one per season. Fairy Mary and Fairy Gary are respectively the Tinker and Dust Leaders.

~"Long, long ago, Neverland was faced with a dragon named Kyto, whose very presence warmed Neverland enough to endanger Winter, but with the help of Zarina, 32 specks of dust (26 blue, the remainder alchemised) and six of her new friends Tinker Bell, Vidia, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist and Fawn, the Pixie Dust that had been lost had once again returned and every eighth year we had revelries again. One revelry after the first one with Fairy Dust in lieu of Pixie Dust, a group of strangers to Neverland that were of comparable size but wingless and still able to fly had come to our land. They appeared almost as we did otherwise, but some were quite tall, others quite small and still others about our height, an average of 127 millimetres or five inches. Also, unlike us, they didn't need Pixie or Fairy Dust to do magic or fly, yet they helped us make different dust from different moulten feathers in case we were ever stranded.

~"We now enter the time of the Revelry and this year it is the Forest's turn to represent said Revelry with a sceptre to house the precious blue Moonstone. Only two have been found in the last few centuries and one of them was broken, then a fragment destroyed by the Fairy Dust. The other Moonstone remains--"

~"The Moonstone!" cried Tansy from afar before flying as fast as she could with blackened Moonstone in hands. "Some Fairy Dust touched it and now it's destroyed!"

~The new fairies all gasped, disappointed that their first Revelry was over before it even began.

~"Two destroyed Moonstones?" asked Snowflake.

~"Yes, and this one wasn't even shattered!"

~Heidi flew in and took the dead Moonstone, crushing it into powder. "Definitely destroyed," she confirmed. "But I did find four more Moonstones with Rani's help since they were all at Marooner's Rock and Rani is still the only fairy that can swim instead of fly."

~"Please tell me you didn't add and Fairy Dust to them?!"

~"Why in the goodness of Neverland would I? We had a huge pouch to carry all four Moonstones in that never held any Pixie or Fairy Dust."

~"Still, we should hurry and make sure they're safe!"

~"I was in the middle of a history lesson for these new fairies," retorted Snowflake, pointing a hand towards the group.

~"That'll have to wait!"

~"I'd fly backwards far more wingbeats than even I can count, but an emergency is upon us," Snowflake apologised to the group before joining Tansy and Heidi.

~The pouch was still there as were the Moonstones, but Heidi washed her hands before touching the Moonstones. "Good they're still alive," she said. "But just in case…" Heidi found three clean dry quartz jars for three Blue Moonstones and shattered one Moonstone in her bare hands before putting it in one jar; the other two remained fully intact inside their jars. Now three contingencies were ready.

~"Let's take this last Moonstone to Grace," said Snowflake.

~Tansy knocked once on Grace's door, but wound up felling said door.

~"Tansy!" exclaimed Snowflake and Heidi.

~"Guess I forgot my own strength," said Tansy.

~"We gotta fix this before Grace comes back!" cried Snowflake.

~"But we're not Tinkers!"

~"Then let's get a Tinker to fix this," suggested Heidi.

~"Good idea!" Tansy flew off and a few minutes later, the fastest Tinker ever was here.

~"Easier than peasy," said Magnolia. "I can fix that in less than a shake of a swallow's tail."

~And Magnolia fixed Grace's door faster than you could blink.

~"Wow, you're really fast!" said Tansy.

~"Durh, I'm a Fast Tinker," Magnolia retorted sassily. "Fly with you later!" Magnolia left.

~"Might as well leave since Grace isn't home yet," said Heidi.

~"How can you tell?" asked Snowflake.

~"Keen nose?" Heidi answered, pointing to her own nose. "We'd better leave before it looks like a break-in."

~The three fairies flew away, searching for Grace.

~Grace was at a loss. How would she build the sceptre if she lacked the skills?

~"Now where am I going to find assistance for this sceptre?" Grace asked herself aloud, not caring if anyone else heard. "Everyone I've consulted said to make sure the sceptre represented my talent and the Revelry. Oh, what a royal mess I'm in."

~Only when she saw Lavender grow two new stems did Grace get an idea.

~Hmmm, Grace thought. Then again, maybe the Ministers won't mind a grown sceptre in lieu of a built one since I can readily grow trees and parts of trees.

~Grace grew two stems just as Lavender did and the sceptre was quite beautiful and strong.

~That was easy, Grace thought before taking her new sceptre home to finish.

~When Grace put the finishing touches onto her sceptre, she immediately remembered that she needed the Blue Moonstone, so she flew to Heidi's abode to get a Moonstone.

~"Snowflake has the Moonstone that isn't a contingency," explained Heidi. "Last I heard, she was headed to your abode again, but bumped into…" Heidi gasped. "We have to rescue that Moonstone before we have to use a contingency!"

~"Why?" asked Grace.

~Dusty was flying near Heidi with the Moonstone glowing inside a green leaf satchel. Dusty made sure to don special dust-proof gloves first.

~"Dusty, please tell me you were the only Dust Keeper to touch that Moonstone?" asked Heidi. "Grace needs it for the Autumn Revelry sceptre."

~Dusty pulled out the Moonstone, which was still fully intact. He already knew what happened to at least two prior Moonstones after coming into contact with the Fairy Dust, so, wanting nary another Moonstone lost that way, he packed his special gloves for in case he had to handle anything hindered or harmed by the Fairy or Pixie Dust and his special satchel that he had Saffron make with zero Pixie Dust. The satchel kept the Moonstone safe and Dusty handed Grace the Moonstone.

~"Thank you so much!" said Grace. "I have to finish the sceptre right away!"

~"Please be careful!" cried Heidi.

~"I will!"

~Grace excitedly returned home to add the Moonstone to her new sceptre.

~After several days and much trial and error about which woods were the best for making sceptres, Grace marvelled at her work and considered wrapping her sceptre, but remembering that Fairy Dust was bad for Blue Moonstones, decided best leave it uncovered.

~This is one of my finest masterpieces yet, Grace thought as she rushed to the Autumn Revelry, which was tonight! Wait'll everyone sees this!

~Grace held the sceptre aloft as the Queen announced the Autumn Revelry about to begin and when it came time to place the sceptre at the place of honour, the sceptre glowed a bit and soon the Blue Harvest Moon's light shone through and…

~"Blue Pixie Dust!" exclaimed Snowflake. "Never gets old."

~"Indeed," agreed Grace.

~With a great deal of Blue Pixie Dust having fallen, the Neverfairies picked up plenty of the Blue Dust for the Pixie Dust Tree and stored some in reserve, enough to last at least eight more years. Here's to another successful Autumn Revelry, the last hurrah of Autumn.

As much as I dislike abridging my tales, I had to because even after the first edit, this tale was still too long. Other than that, hope you enjoyed this tale!

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