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[poem] The History of the Autumn Revelry

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Edited by TheCuriousSeed at 2021-11-11 22:01

Okay, I have two versions of a story ready that talk of the Autumn Revelry, but I figured, why not include a poem instead for now?

Came one fine Autumn a Tinker gifted
Her Tinkering skills in Spring moods lifted
Though temper quick,
Desire still thick
For to her the honour of making the new sceptre had shifted.

Though the first scepter was quite a beaut
And knowledge from her Dust Keeper friend acute
Of many things Pixie Dust,
The air soon grew unjust
Following a smashed sceptre and a red dispute.

Sadly, this was not the only stinker
To befall such a busy Tinker
With one angry kick
The lid opened too quick
For said Tinker to stop this clinker.

Now seemingly alone
With the shattered Moonstone
The Tinker knew what to do
To see this revelry through
And step one involved her repair skills to hone.

Despite the failed repair
Not long did this Tinker despair
When her two Tinker friends
An invitation to her did they send
To Fairy Tale Theatre, for the Lead Tinker would surely be there.

That evening's tale was but a stroke of good
So the Tinker listened as carefully as she could
To every clue
During a quest soon due
For repair the Moonstone on the quest she would.

Alas, forgotten was a warning to beware
Given when leaving did the Tinker dare
Wishing anything cruel and undue
That wish the wisher would surely rue
Unfortunately, the Tinker was too rushed to care.

Through several an obstruction
And a great deal of construction,
The Tinker was ready to fly
In her new Pixie Carrier loaded with supplies
And, of course, her powers of deduction.

From bats to fireflies and others galore
One firefly indeed did implore
The Tinker let him stay
For it was too long a way
For one travelling alone to last much more.

After exhausting her dust,
Walking was a must
So through several landmarks
Including two arcs
And a pair of trolls reminding the Tinker of friendship just.

Finally at a sunken ship
Carefully in did fairy and firefly slip
Until they reached a sack
With quite a precious stack
Of jewels and gems, but she needed a sharp tip.

The compass needle was flung aloft
Though the treasure's landing was definitely not soft
Amidst the treasure did appear
A magical mirror
With one last wish, which the Tinker hadn't once scoffed.

Wish carefully in the Mirror, for only one remaining chance
To repair the Moonstone in time for the Revelry and a dance
But determination
Did not outweigh lost concentration
As the firefly kept hovering at too small a distance.

In harried, angry haste
The last wish a waste
The firefly spent a minute in silence
Because the Tinker lost her patience
Then regretfully the mirror she embraced.

Though she was indirect,
The Tinker wanted to correct
This mistake of all mistakes
But for friendship's sake
A friendly voice did interject.

Embraces and apologies exchanged,
The plan had to be rearranged
For soon came the rats
At least as scary as the bats
Still, time to get out of range!

Safely back to the carrier the pair flew
First one at the sceptre, now there were two
The Tinker and Dust Keeper
No exchange ever deeper
Than rebuilding the sceptre anew.

The Revelry was hither and anon
As up to the crew stared everyone
Soon 'twas time to place the sceptre
With a very careful gesture
The night was still won.

But the sceptre held the shards of Moonstone
And a small clear gem that shone
The Blue Moon's light
Spreading its glow so bright
Before showering the place in a lovely blue tone.

So much Blue Pixie Dust filled the sky
And soon everyone did fly
To replenish the Pixie Dust Tree
Every day through the next Autumn Revelry
Something no fairy will ever deny.

Since that Autumn Revelry
Every eight year, ready as can be,
New sceptres were built
With care exercised to the hilt
So long as the Pixie Dust flowed freely.

But one year Pixie Dust was lost in a fire
Most likely breated by a dragon full of ire
But with Neverland's love
And a motherly dove
There was still room for a better Pixie Hollow to aspire.

Sever an æon had come and gone
Fairy Dust from ground up moulten feathers was drawn
Though the magic no longer felt the same
Nor the matter to be taken as a game,
In the end, the Neverfairies still won.

Then one day a new Moonstone did show
From an adventure oh so apropos
Of the friendships of yore
From olden fairy lore
In quite an unusual place for such a precious curio.

Once again from that day
The eighth Autumn gave way
To the Autumn Revelry
So filled with glee
Many would give an astounding hurray!

Each eighth year since Pixie Dust Reborn
One fairy or sparrowman this honour was sworn
To uphold from time immemorial
A task beneficial
For Blue Pixie Dust to the Pixie Dust Tree be adorned.

So ends my poem of the Autumn Revelry
I hope it was quite enjoyable for thee
From a warm greeting
To a wish for happy reading
Let hope inside grow freely.

It wasn't easy cramming so much history into one poem, but hey, this poem was just waiting to be written! Happy flights!

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What a beautiful poem you wrote and the rhymes fit perfectly. I love the autumn revelry and it’s stories, you did great.


Thanks!  Post time 2021-11-14 13:51
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