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[Story] Purple Carrots Can Be Good Too!

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Sequel time again!

~The purple carrots were indeed causing a huge stir throughout the Hollow as more and more were uncertain how they would affect Pixie Hollow (as I stated before, some called it Fairy Haven) as anyone knew it. Lavender had indeed grown even more carrots and when she grew an especially huge and bright purple one, she noticed how un-carrotlike it had grown... in fact, the carrot looked almost like Jimin... if Jimin were a carrot instead of a sparrowman.

~Jimin'll love this! Lavender thought as she wove many grasses and vines together to cover her new carrot statue of Jimin. This is by far the best present I've ever grown!

~Lavender wrapped her Jimin carrot statue carefully, then carried said statue to where she figured Jimin would be: hanging out with Prince Taehyung again.

~Jimin was talking to his best friend Prince Taehyung, who was sad on behalf of no one seeming to remember Jimin's Arrival Anniversary. Prince Taehyung then gave a gentle smile to reassure Jimin that maybe a surprise was being planned that he wasn't supposed to know about yet. Lavender had decided to set her gift next to Jimin, encouraged him to open it and...

~"Huh," said Jimin. "What an interestingly purple carrot... and and equally intriguing shape. Did you grow this?"

~"Yeeeeeeeees," Lavender drawled before pointing to Jimin. "Staaaaaaatuuuuuuue. Yooooooouu."

~Jimin felt his sadness melt away before giggling, then laughing. "And all this time I thought no one else remembered!" he exclaimed amidst laughter.

~The three then shared a good laugh, then Prince Taehyung had to leave, so they all said their goodbyes and parted, Prince Taehyung to his underwater dwelling, Lavender and Jimin back to the Hollow.

~But even after both returned to the Fairy Circle, no one else was there and Jimin's Arrival Anniversary was anon! Surely no one else had forgotten?!

~"Wheeeerrrrrre?" drawled Lavender.

~"I don't know, but that good mood I had about my Arrival Anniversary for a little while is fading again," said Jimin.

~"Caaaaaaaake. Caaaaaarrrrooot."


~Lavender led Jimin to her abode.

~Lavender held the cake carrot she'd made earlier today and sure enough...

~It seems that Lavender may be the only one unaware of the surprise party, said the cake carrot. She wanted to give you a very unique present the likes of which none else have seen, but she just remembered that your Arrival Day wasn't tomorrow, it's today!

~Jimin was so caught up that he almost forgot his own Arrival Day! Everyone else, however, had the wrong date! The purple Jimin-shaped carrot was glowing very bright, which reminded Lavender that Jimin should've celebrated today! Lavender's carrot statues only glowed a bright purple on the actual Arrival Day, the rest of the year just as purple, maybe a shade or three lighter than her other purple carrots, but otherwise, her carrots were good. Time to break the news to the rest of the Neverfairies!

~"Are you serious?!" exclaimed Foxglove.

~"Seeeeeeeriiiiiiiioooooous," drawled Lavender, pointing to the ground.

~Word spread throughout the Hollow that the wrong date was scheduled! No one else was ready, not even the Bakers responsible for making the Arrival Anniversary cupcakes! Jimin was given an eleven-layer carrot cake, made almost completely of purple carrots with purple icing and two thin slices of purple carrot, each shaped to form a one. As it turned out, the Extravaganza had to be cancelled on account of this mistake in the date and instead a simple celebration was given to Jimin. Lavender held up a purple teacup she carved from a purple carrot and proposed a toast.

~"Tooooooo Jiiiiiimiiiiiiiin!" she drawled.

~"To Jimin!" called all else before sipping the tea, also made of purple carrots.

~Unfortunately the tea (also made from purple carrots) tasted horrid, but after dousing it with water, no one minded too much. This was indeed one of the most interesting Arrival Celebrations yet.

What else can be added here without loading on the exposition any further? Anyway, happy reading!

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