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[Story] The Purple Carrot Cake Conundrum

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Sequel time!

~"Is this a joke?"

~"Is this a prank?"

~"What in Neverland self-respecting Baker would
bake that?"

~"More precisely, what in Neverland self-respecting Garder would grow a carrot that wasn't orange?"

~Apparently things didn't pan too well fir Kyra or Lavender, Baker of the carrot cake and grower of purple carrots, respectively. Neverfairies were used to bright orange carrots, not deep purple ones and, given that most carrots were orange, even in Neverland, it came as a shock that there were carrots in days of yore that were purple... except to Lavender, who wound up growing another purple carrot, but this one was shaped very much like an inverted tear. Lavender had never been sadder, not even when she had inadvertently grown berries in the wrong colours.

~Kyra, on the other hand, no matter how hard she tried to convince her friends that the cake she made was perfectly safe, no one dared eat another purple cake for fear of being poisoned... no one but Foxglove, who not only wore purple, but for the past three days, refused to consume anything but water and purple food in protest of the disagreements with the purple cakes. In fact, Day Four was here and Foxglove was starting to turn purple!

~"See?!" exclaimed a new Baker, who was a rival of Kyra's, pointing to Foxglove. "The cake makes you purple!"

~Once Foxglove finished chewing the bit of cake in her mouth and swallowed (because she was too polite by Neverfairy standards to talk with a stuffed mouth), she pointed out, "My skin is still tanner than purple and any colour consumed in excess over a much longer period of time can discolour you! Also, look!" Foxglove captured a bit of sunlight in her hands and shaped it into a ball, which was still white, the only colour of light she could produce.

~"Big, fat, hairy deal!" exclaimed a rival Light Talent before she did the same and also produce white light. "It's only a matter of time before you can only make purple light anymore!"

~"Anymore? I never could!"

~"Girls, please!" cried Phoebe as she landed between Foxglove and the rival. "So the cake's purpler than Foxglove's skin, so what?"

~"Thank you!" prompted Foxglove.

~Phoebe then took as big a handful as her strong, almost white hands could grasp and she smushed said piece smaller until it was too dense to float in the water, then she ate it. After swallowing the piece, she remained the same almost white with green hints. "See? Nothing," Phoebe declared.

~"Again, thank you!" repeated Foxglove.

~"Maybe we'd better check on Lavender," whispered Kyra. "Make sure she's okay."

~And that's where Phoebe, Kyra and Foxglove went.

~Lavender was growing increasingly blue carrots in her garden, all of which shaped increasingly like inverted tears to match her sadness, which had grown to the point she'd hilted six leafkerchiefs with her tears and even used a petalkerchief, which began to wilt in sadness after it was hilted too. Lavender even grew a purple carrot before carving it into a cake with a small dagger blade, only the cake had a sad face.

~"You okay, Lavvy?" asked Kyra, offering a piece of cake.

~Lavender refused to eat despite her increasingly hungry tummy growling. She just kept hugging the sad cake carrot and turning it increasingly blue with her tears.

~Why does no one else like my purple carrots?
Lavender's cake carrot announced. They're just as healthy as the orange ones and still just as tasty.

~Phoebe, Foxglove and Kyra gasped. The cake carrot was talking!

~And now my new vegetation is as increasingly blue as I feel... it's almost as if almost no one can understand me and they don't seem to care. I can't see that well without glasses, I can't speak that well, explaining the little cake carrot with a face I just made so she can convey my thoughts aloud whilst I hold her and I'm so tall I can't even ride the back of a rat without hurting said rat's back! Why do I feel so useless?

~"There, there," said Kyra. "Maybe if you eat something, you'll feel better."

~"I don't know, Kyra, Lavender looks like she's crying herself sick," said Foxglove.

~Eating right now would only make me sicker, said Lavender's cake carrot. I just want to know that my carrots are safe to eat.

~"But how do we convince everyone else?"

~"Easy," said Phoebe.

~The next day Phoebe, Foxglove, Kyra and now Jimin showed up at Lavender's abode despite it being Jimin's Arrival Eve, the day before a fairy's Arrival Day or a birthday to humans.

~Come one, come all to a mystery extravaganza certain to tickle your taste buds, palate your tongue's papillae and tantalise your tummy to celebrate Jimin's Arrival Day, read Lavender via her cake carrot. Everything edible will be a surprise, so leave your qualms at home.

~But would this extravaganza be a wondrous turnout?

Stopping here for today, so have a good one!

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