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[Story] The Purple Carrot

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This reminds me of an earlier thread I had on this topic, but anyway, onto the tale.

~Lavender was busy in her garden as usual when she noticed a huge carrot growing. She pulled at the part jutting out of the ground and saw a huge orange carrot. Ordinarly this wouldn't seem all that strange as Lavender pulled out lots of orange carrots.
~But this particular one she pulled out was almost as big as she was! To make things weirder, the next carrot she pulled out...

~Was purple!

~I wonder how I wound up with a purple carrot in my garden? Lavender thought. Maybe I can give it to a Baker or a Cook to work with?

~Lavender flew off to see what to do with this huge purple carrot.

~"Did you grow this?" asked Foxglove, pointing to the carrot.

~Lavender nodded.

~"Are you sure you didn't just colour it purple?" asked Magnolia.

~Lavender shook her head "No."

~"Which is it, no, you didn't colour it or no, you aren't sure?"
~"Grooooooooow," Lavender drawled.
~Kyra came to take a look at the carrot, then had onyx take a look. Even Daylily, who happened to be riding a very large tan rabbit, came to see the carrot and sure enough, Daylily let the huge rabbit taste it; the carrot tasted just as delicious as a healthy orange carrot.
~"It's safe," said Daylily before cutting off the part that was nibbled and feeding it to the huge rabbit, who thumped one of her feet happily. "We can cook with it."
~"And I know just what to do with this carrot!" said Kyra. "Let's--"
~"Bake it!"
~"Cook it!"
~Kyra and Onyx announced in respective unison.
~"I say this carrot is better baked into a pastry!" said Kyra.
~"Well, I say it'll make a better soup!" argued Onyx.
~On and on Kyra and Onyx argued until Heidi came by, split the purple carrot in half easily and gave Kyra and Onyx a piece apiece.
~"Problem solved," said Heidi before she flew back to her tasks.
~"Oh, that reminds me!" exclaimed Daylily exclaimed. "Bridgit here said there was a Dancer that was sad because everyone seemed to forget his Arrival Anniversary. We can have both a carrot-based cake and a carrot-based soup there!"
~"But won't he be put off by a purple carrot cake and a purple carrot soup?" asked Magnolia.
~"I'm sure he'll love it," said Foxglove. "I know I would."
~"Right, because you just love the colour purple."
~Onto the Cooking of the Purple Carrot.

~Kyra made a huge cake with that purple carrot piece she had whiole Onyx made purple carrot soup. Carrot cakes and soups often came orange, so it was a pretty interesting experience. Lavender even managed to grow a few more purple carrots in her garden, choosing the best to make into decorative garnishes. Afterwards, it was time to see how this purple carrot dining experience would pan out.

I'm stopping here for now because this ties in with another thread, one I didn't write. Happy reading for today.

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