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[Story] The Legend of the Rainbow Fairy: 1st star to the left (part 2)

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Yasmine looks at everyone, fear in her eyes...
"What do you mean?"
"These people have the power to take a fairies magic and transfer it onto themselves..." One fairy began "so if they get Wispa's power, they will be able to travel at speeds even Vidia maybe unable to out-fly..."
"There has to be a way to save her!" Yasmine cries out "there has to be... I'm not going to leave her!"
"No one will stop you Yas but you can't do it alone..."
"Zerena" a garden talent states. Everyone looks at her, surprised by her random remark.
"Of course!" A sparrowman exclaims "she and some new alchemy fairies may be able to help."
"Then what are we waiting for?" The first fairy asks. With that they fly off to the depot to find Z...

"Hmmm." Zerena hums "if we make groups of fairies and supply them with a mix of pixie dust... One group works on distracting these witches and wizards, another group works on finding Wispa... OK so the distraction team will be given purple dust as their main dust... The rescue team will have purple dust and green dust..." She then explains how the dust will allow the rescue team to do what they need to free Wispa, while they all have purple dust to travel faster... She then looks gravely at Yasmine.
"If you change your talent, you may no longer be a rainbow fairy..."
Yasmine sighs "I don't care, I have to save my sister!" Z just nods and tells everyone what to do.

The next day groups of each talent team up with the fairies and they teach each other how their magic works... After three days they are ready...
"This is going to be dangerous, follow the plan and you'll be fine" a fast-flier states "NOW LETS MOVE!"
With that they all fly towards the star that they may never return from...
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