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[Story] Bloom and the Pixie Ball

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“Okay everyone, remember that the Pixie Ball is tonight, we have been preparing for this for a long time, so there should be very little room for error.”

The Minister of Summer, spoke somewhat authoritatively, to all of the Pixies in Pixie Hollow at the end of her speech- which most of us tuned out, until she got to what was supposed to be the best part- about the Ball, however not for me. Everyone whispered amongst each other in excitement. To my dismay, I was prepared for everything except the one thing- my dress! I gasped and as I was about to turn to leave, my best friend, Ginger, was already looking at me with a raised eyebrow and arms crossed.

“Let me guess, you don’t have a dress.”  I rolled my eyes in return

“I have been doing so much to help prepare, that I haven’t had time to put the dress together. In fact, I’ve had to help many fairies with their dresses and suits for the Sparrowmen.” I said matter-of-factly.

“What about today than?, You should have time since the Ball is tonight” I shook my head. “I’ve already got orders put in for last minute decisions.”

Ginger looked thoughtful for a moment and then sighed sadly, “I’m sorry, Bloom, I’m not a Sewing-talent, but if I was, I would help you fly through those orders like I was Vidia in the Fall.”      
  At this, I couldn’t help but giggle. She says the strangest metaphors, but they always seem to help make me feel better. However, on the down-side, Ginger, a Talent of Light, would actually  fly through those orders. I would very much dislike to see the outcomes of those outfits, I thought to myself- at this I shuddered a little.  

Ginger, who noticed, looked at me suspiciously-

“Yes, Bloom, I know, you absolutely cannot stand the thought of me being a Sewing-talent, and honestly I agree with you. I would be very horrible at it, but don’t worry about your dress, I’m sure you still have plenty of time”

She said, filled with hope, however, I was filled with dread. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I can’t think about it for now since I do have orders to fill. So, with sadness in my heart, I flew back to the top of the Pixie Dust Tree and got to work on those- said orders. I cut materials, dyed it with the help of ladybugs, even had to help a few Pixies draw and design their choice formal-wear from vocal description.

  When I finally got done, it was sunset, meaning I had absolutely no time to even try to design a dress, much less make one. I sighed sadly and looked out the small hole in the tree- or my window if you will. I admired the beautiful colors of the changing skies. Oranges, deep and light blues, pinks and even red, I could also see some stars beginning to appear and twinkle as if to say “Hello.”

  While, I was admiring the calmness and quietness that nature has to offer, I could hear laughing and talking, so out of natural curiosity I looked down. There were many Pixies and Sparrowmen, all dressed up and waiting for the Ballroom doors to open, talking and laughing with each other. I shook my head sadly and opened my small dresser, putting away my pencils, ribbons, scissors etc. all in their proper places.

When I had finished, I took my hat off and put it on the top shelf above my small wardrobe, opening the doors ready to grab my sleepwear, I heard a knock on my door. I sighed reluctantly, not wanting to see anyone, but nonetheless I did go over and open the door.


Ginger said with much excitement, I stood shocked at what I was seeing, she was wearing a long, pastel-swirl colored dress that covered her feet.

“Ginger, you look absolutely beautiful, you could be the Queen of the Ball!” I exclaimed.

“Thank you, but that is not the surprise”

She then turned around and walked out of the room, and brought in the most beautiful golden-Amber dress I have ever seen. It was also strapless, and long enough to cover my feet it was covered in sparkles, but still soft to the touch.

“How did you do this?” I asked astonished  

“I already had our dresses made weeks ago through another Sewing-talent friend named Bobbin.” she explained.

I was genuinely surprised and truly grateful for the bestest friend a Pixie could ever have. I told her thank you what seemed like a million times, and that she was a true best friend, I honestly don’t know what I would do without her, and with some help from her I got the dress on, and we quickly flew down out of the Pixie Dust Tree and to the Ballroom.

Just outside the Ballroom, we ran into our comedic friend, Axel- he was wearing a Sunrise Orange suit with a matching tie, but it stood out from the suit because of the bright pink polka-dots on it. We giggled at his attire, however strolling past us was the Minister of Spring, he was smiling and talking to the Minister of Fall. However, when they saw Axel they stopped talking and shook their heads at him.

We giggled all the more, and went inside the Ballroom, it was beautifully decorated with many colored lights, flowers of different types and colors, and beautiful golden intricate designs on the walls.

All the Pixies were dashingly dressed, and were either dancing, laughing, or simply talking and mingling with friends they haven’t seen in quite some time. Axel, Ginger, and I stayed in our little group for most of the evening, until it came closer to the time for the Queen and King of the Pixie Ball to be announced.

Most of the Pixies had already voted some time ago at the Tearoom- Tinkerbell, was personally in charge of that because of her knack of keeping things in order. However, there were a few Pixies putting in their votes by writing them down and then giving them to the Minister of Fall or the Minister of Summer- the true organizer of this Event.

As voting came close to being done, we waited patiently to find out who was going to win. I personally didn't think I was going to win, but when the Minister of Summer walked onto the platform with two papers in hand, she waited with a bit of a dramatic pause before calling out-

Bloom has the Queen of the Ball and Axel has the King of Ball!

I was very surprised by this position and was very honored, but I know I couldn’t have done this without my best friend, Ginger, so naturally she and I calmly debated about who actually deserved it, and keeping it etc. Thankfully, Axel calmly interrupted and suggested we share the Pixie Crown and the position.

We both agreed and for the first time there were two Pixie Ball Queens and one Pixie Ball King, but that didn’t matter to us- we were our own group, and in my opinion the best group there ever could be. After the settling of the debate, the night went on and on- we danced, talked, laughed, and enjoyed the small pranks Axel pulled on the Minister of Fall- those two might have their differences, but it’s said that the Minister of Fall actually enjoys Axel’s eccentric ways.

I don’t think the Minister of Fall would admit that though, but there was one or two times where he pulled pranks on him in retaliation. Ginger, almost the whole Hollow, and I agree that it’s just their weird friendship.

As for today, we are in the Tearoom working on ideas for next year’s Pixie Ball, Axel sitting across from me, and Ginger beside me. However, she and I are also working on a surprise with the help of Fairy Mary, a special makeshift Pranking Buddies Badge, for Axel and the Minister of Fall. Maybe, we can discuss with Queen Clarion on making that an official badge someday, but for now it’s just a little gift for our two pranksters.

          “Best friends, what could someone do without them?” I thought to myself and smiled as I got back to work.


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