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[poem] All's Fun Among the Unicorns Until Danger Appears

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It's been a little while since my last poem, but here goes!

Pearl has been dreaming of unicorns again
Including having one as her friend
The unicorn scene
Looked so serene
That she thought of a turn at the river bend.

A magical rainbow Pearl laid eyes upon
As the unicorns sang many a song
To her surprise
Before her eyes
A unicorn asked her to sing along.

Pearl really enjoyed the merriment in tune
From the chipper squirrel to the graceful loon
But the strangest of all
Was a purple serval
Who warned that danger would appear soon.

But did anyone else care
Of the danger in the air
When in droves
From grottoes to groves
Flowing engery to ruin the happy flair?

Not a chance or a care in this realm
Did any even consider the helm
Except the serval
Who had the gall
To warn that danger would soon overwhelm.

But though the serval first knew
Of this danger increasingly due
No one seemed to care
Or at all aware
Of any fun they had to eschew.

Pearl herself had the most fun
Of this magical realm of anyone
But a few small taps
And even a clap
Signaled not a warning to run.

Increasingly frantic
The serval did panic
As he alone
Of this danger had known
Which rendered him frenetic.

What was the danger the serval detected?
A huge black thundercloud full of lightning collected
Not to mention treacherous tornadoes
And massive derechos
Certain to leave all affected.

Finally the serval had to carry Pearl
Before the winds began to swirl
Then the scene turned frightening
With bolts of lightning
But the worst had yet to unfurl.

Asked a still-too-cheery-to-care Pearl
"Where are we going, Mr. Serval?"
To correct her the serval did bother
"Mr. Serval was my grandfather,
But you may instead call me Earl."

As Pearl rode on the back of Earl,
She exclaimed, "What in the world
Foul treachery
Is destroying this gallery
Of fun little sparkly sprinkles and swirls?!"

Now heeding Earl's warning
No fun left for adorning
Pearl saw the sky
And began to cry
As it seemed this plave was now worth mourning.

But neither the now-weeping Pearl
Nor the still-vigilant Earl
Stopped to complain
Of the torrential rain
Because they had to rescue every boy and girl.

The unicorns had grown quite scared
Because now of their safety they cared
Though a little late
In their warning gait
At least it seemed they'd still be spared.

Pearl loved the unicorns so much
To lose them all seemed like such
A travesty
Never again to see
Their pretty coats or their manes to touch.

One by one Pearl and Earl led
Each unicorn to a safer realm ahead
With this land now in a shambles
Because, too many brambles
And other debris from the storm being shed.

When every last unicorn
Appearing so forlorn
Departed their home
And began to roam
A few were filled with scorn.

The unicorns, now very unhappy
Because the getting had to be snappy
But although not as class
To cross a road of glass
At least things didn't get too sappy.

Upon reaching this new realm
Rife with magical groves and musical elms
Though it'd been a while
Everyone began to smile
At this huge talking stone named Wilhelm.

"Welcome one and all
From the unicorns to the serval,"
Said Wilhelm
In this new realm
"Safety now resides in this new home magical."

First the smiles from ear to ear
Then grandly unified cheer
No more a herd of waifs
Now everyone was safe
Because there was no more fear.

Once again the whole lot had fun
As magical happiness filled everyone
From the serval named Earl
To the pixie named Pearl
Who hoped the fun would never be done

But alas and alack
Time for Pearl to go back
To her home in Pixie Hollow
Come the next morrow
When normalcy returned to the track.

Asked her big sister Silver
"How was your adventure?"
Answered Pearl,
"I met a serval named Earl
And a herd of friendly unicorns, of this I'm sure!

"There was a scary black stormcloud
In scary shadow the land it did shroud
Fancy free we were
Until the storms occured
And those thunder booms were loud!

"We then found a new place
Where a big rick with a friendly face
Wilhelm was his name
Though the place didn't feel the exact same
At least now the unicorns have a permanently safe space."

"Well, time to start the day,"
Said Silver as a sun ray
Shone through the window
And left Pearl's room aglow
Reminding her not to let the time fly away.

Should you ever have a dream of unicorns
That have suddenly gone forlorn,
It could be danger
Including a scary stranger
Or even a humongous thunderstorm.

But then again the dream could be fun
For you, me, and everyone
Where everyone played
For an entire day
For at sunset the playtime was done.

Pearl and Silver agreed
That this dream did supercede
Sweet-tasting lollies
And huggable dollies
As the funnest time indeed.

Sometimes while napping
You can even see fun unwrapping
But at the end of the day
Time for this poet to say
Take care and happy flapping.

Hope you enjoyed the poem!

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