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[Story] Legend of the Rainbow Fairy: 1st Star to the Left (part 1)

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In Pixie Hollow, the Everblossom has finally bloomed signaling to the fairies that it is time to deliver spring. All the fairies are excited, but not as excited as Yasmine and Wispa as they have never been to the Mainland before however, they are nervous as to what to do. Knowing what they are feeling Silvermist flies over to them.
"Ready for this?" she askes them.
"A little nervous" Wispa admits "but we should be fine, I think."
"All you have to do is line up with your talent guilds in any of the rows you like and just follow their lead. That's the best way to learn, otherwise you'll just get confused."
"Thanks Sil" Yasmine says "We should get ready now, see ya later."
With that the fairies line up in the back two rows and once everyone is ready, the Minister of spring calls out to everyone to take flight to the Mainland. Before the sisters know it, they are through the second star and on the Mainland, filled with wonder of how a place so big is even possible... and how the fairies get their work done on time.
"Isn't it just amazing?" Tizzywing says to Wispa.
"It sure is... How can we bring spring to all this!" Wispa responds, with Tizzy just giggling as an answer. The Minister than directs the fairies as to where to go, the back rows going West towards a large City. The fairies start casting their magic everywhere and Wispa helps by blowing snow off plants and buildings, while Yasmine helps melt snow and water plants. Before they know it, sping is on the Mainland, it is sunrise and time to leave.

On their way back to regroup Yasmine and Wispa decide to sneek off for a few minutes to explore. They see all the different people, buildings, transport... things they don't recognise. Just outside a building is a cat who looks friendly, so the two go up to it to say "hi" but what happens next wasn't what they expected. It opens its eyes and begins hissing at them. Wispa grabs her sister by the arm and pulls her away as the cat begins chansing them, forcing them into the building. The building is full of drunks men and women and smells rank. As they launch in they get seen, as though these people where waiting for them.
"The rainbow fairy!" one yells "GET HER!" with that the fairies fly around trying to avoid these people but get seporated, Wispa sees one man coming up behind Yasmine with a trap and flies over using her magic for a boost to push her outside getting caught herself.
All Yas can do now is find the others and get help.

"These men were fast for humans" Yasmine says once she's found everyone "they also seemed to know who I was" All the others look at each other in horror leaving Yasmine confused. "What is it?" She then asks.
"Yasmine..." Hydranga begins "Those people are witches and wizards from the First Star to the Left... and they are VERY bad news..."
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Is it just me or did Halloween come early this year because, witches and wizards, to name a few Halloween tropes?

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