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[Story] It's Game Time: Teamtastic!

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It's been a little bit, but here goes the next installment!

~Acorn was getting his uniform to represent the Water Talent when he saw Sapphire getting a uniform too. They both tried on the uniforms, which fit perfectly, then realised they needed a third team member this year for the Pixie Derby, but this third person couldn't already be on a team and they had to be Water.

~"We could ask Heidi," suggested Acorn.

~"Heidi already teamed with the Wintry Water Fairies, remember?" Sapphire reminded Acorn. "What about Abigail Flickerfly?"

~"Or Julie Bubblecloud?" suggested Foxglove. "She's a great Water Fairy and besides, she's not afraid of hard work."

~"Besides, Abigail's hosting this year," said Gardenia, trying to find a Tea Talent uniform.

~"Just make one, Gardenia," said Hickory. "They don't have Tea Fairy uniforms here."

~"Are you kidding me?" asked Labyrinth, holding up a Dust Keeper uniform. "We still have to wear this as our uniform?"

~"I know, right?" asked Quarry. "We're not just Dust Keepers, we're magicians!"

~"And yet we need a third teammate."

~Cue Dusty as he strolled in and picked out a Dust Keeper uniform. It was plaid, but at least he found a uniform with trousers instead of a kilt.


~"Actually, I'm Dusty," said Dusty.

~"Yes, you are."

~Dusty went to try on the last Dust Keeper uniform with trousers.

~Please don't fit, please don't fit,
pled Quarry as he wanted the trousers.

~But Dusty's rather thin frame fit the trousers perfectly, which would've been a little too small for Quarry anyway.

~"We gotta get new uniforms," Quarry told his sister. "Or at least, I gotta get a new one because this frame don't do in a skirt."

~"Don't you mean kilt?" asked Labyrinth.

~"How do you think Terence felt when he had to wear a kilt? Fairy Gary looks pretty good in a kilt, but I can't pull off a kilt with my figure."

~"Quarry, you know this is the first year the Dust Keeper sparrowmen are allowed to wear trousers, but only those too thin to fit the kilts and only ten were allowed."

~"Well, let's make an eleventh."

~Labyrinth sighed and took Quarry to the Sewing Talents.

~"But Fairy Gary's orders!" exclaimed a Seamstress named Pandora. "Plus, the Queen herself approved it! Once approved, we can't back down! You'll just have to wear the kilts since your names weren't on the list for trousers."

~"All the other talents get to make custom uniforms this year," mumbled Quarry. "Why can't we?"

~"You know Fairy Gary; he loves his kilts so much he's worked them into the official uniform with ten exceptions. Oh, and he said two males, one female this year because, Pixie Derby."

~"Dusty!" Labyrinth and Quarry said together.

~"Just saying, the rule is two kilts, one trouser this year."

~Great, thought Quarry. Now we're stuck in the kilts.

~Saffron Glitterswirls and Autumn Daisybelle joined Primrose on the Art Team, Faye joined Kyra and Jellypuff on the Baking Team, Sapphire, Julie and Acorn formed the Water Team, Dusty, Quarry and Labyrinth formed the Dust Team, Hickory, Starmist and Diamondspark joined the Weather Team, Robin, Otter and Twilight formed the Animal Team, Donner, Fern and Sophie formed the Tinker Team, Sarah, Stella and Stormy formed the Fast Flight Team that had no other talents tied in, Heather, Quinn and Kenzie formed the Acting Team and both Silver Winterjewels formed a Wintry Team, but since all the other Winter Talents participating were already teamed up, they had to allow a different talent on the team or be disqualified from the Pixie Derby. Fortunately a few face showed up…

~"I talked to the team roster folks," Elva Dayleaf, another Winter Talent, told the Silver Winterjewels. "They're only letting me join in for the Pixie Derby since you need three this year."

~"YES!" both Silvers cheered before high-fiving.

~The rosters were now complete. Every common talent was allowed to participate, but the rarer ones had to form their own. Practises were still being held, but excitement was in the air for the real Pixie Hollow Games.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my Pixie Hollow Games story!

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