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[Story] Camptastic!: Since When is there Glamour in Camping?

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Chapter 3, what will we see? Keep the tune and you'll find out soon!

~"I heard of this new thing," said Foxglove. "It's called..."

~Everyone paused for a moment.


~"What's that?" asked Tansy.

~"Why settle for such an uncomfortable campsite when you can enjoy the great outdoors and still enjoy the comforts of home?"

~"I don't know, sounds a little irreverent," said Elva.

~"C'mon, fairy camp has pretty much all the comforts of home when the Nature Talents go during the summer, so why not hither and anon?"

~"Hither and anon?" asked Pearl.

~"When was it, yesterday? Hither and anon are here and now, respectively."

~"Oh, that makes sense."

~"Now then." Foxglove explained glamping, which was indeed luxuriously camping.

~"But compared to nowadays, wouldn't modern camping be considered glamping back when Pixie Hollow was new?" asked Daylily.

~Foxglove sighed in disgust and face-palmed. "Look, camping is camping and glamping is glamping. It's a new term for a not-so-new concept, hm'kay? Good. Now let's find some way to turn this campsite into a glampsite."

~"But this does count as a glampsite now that we've filled it with some stuff found at fairy camp," said Jessie. "It we make it look any more posh, it'll be like an upgrade from this place where you have a bed and the luggage you brought, but share everything else built in."

~"You mean a hostel?"

~"What's a hostel?"

~"Said place you just described."

~"Oh, so that's what it's called."

~Foxglove sighed in disgust again, this time pinching the bridge of her nose instead of face-palming. It was clear she never wanted to go less than glamping again.

~Daylily knew it was much too cold for ectotherms to survive here, so she called forth a few mammals that weren't yet hibernating to bring supplies, including...

~"Aww, what a friendly ferret," said Foxglove.

~"He's a stoat," corrected Daylily as the stoat brought her some safe berries to eat.

~"Same genus."

~"Different species."

~A few moles had dug tunnels and brought forth...

~"Eeeuuuwww, worms!" squealed Foxglove, flying away.

~"Guys, we talked about this," Daylily told the moles. "These worms won't survive here if they're not in their cocoons."

~"But we wanted to join you for lunch," said one mole.

~"Okay fine, you can join us, but keep warm."

~"Thank you so much."

~When everyone returned to the campsite with food, the moles were waiting with their favourite fare: earthworms, which was fine since the moles could better survive the cold than the worms anyway.

~"Couldn't we at least give the moles some pastries or whatever?" asked Kyra.

~"And risk upsetting their tummies? Besides, worms are better for insectivores than pastries."

~"Fair enough."

~"Now who's hungry?"

Tune in again for another part of this tale!

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