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[Story] Camptastic!: Any Solution to the Pollution?

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Chapter 2, what'll we do? Read on here and anon.

~"This pollution is the pits," said Foxglove as she walked about finding more pollution. "What are all these strange things?"

~"I know what they all have in common," began Magnolia. "Plastic."

~"Plastic?" said all the non-Tinkers.

~"What's plastic?" asked Onyx.

~"It's this stuff that takes eons to break down and it's based from this stuff called petroleum, which is from fossils greatly compressed. Every item strewn on the ground before us is made entirely of plastic."

~"What's this weird thingy called?" asked Pearl, pointing to some sort of hollow tube.

~"That's a disposable straw."

~Unlike the Isle of Lost Things or the Shore of Lost Things or whatever you want to refer to items from the Mainland making it to Neverland, this place never had items strewn about before. Magnolia thought about using four of those strange threaded things attached to those long things that held liquids as wheels, but Jessie thought better of it and decided these items were better off recycled into new stuff.

~"But we don't know how to recycle plastic," said Xenops.

~Jessie explained that humans were becoming wiser about disposing of their rubbish and that plastic could be turned into new stuff after it was broken and melted, plus since most of the stuff was already into really small bits, why not have it molten and reshaped into something new?

~Saffron decided to try melting some of the plastic down in the one item she found that was not made of plastic: a frying pan made entirely of iron. Heidi brought the iron pan to Saffron since she was the only one strong enough to lift it alone without injuring herself or adding Fairy or Pixie Dust to lighten it. Saffron then picked up the plastic and had Lavender and Xenops grow more plants to absorb the resulting carbon dioxide, then heated the pan hot enough to melt the plastic, but not the pan. Gardenia and Gloriosa were in charge of bringing more plastic to melt until the pan was too full to house another thing, then had Heidi and Gardenia shape the molten plastic since minus Saffron, it was much too hot for anyone else to touch, even the Light Talents.

~"Let's shape it into a boat!" said Onyx.

~"No, a tub!" said Xenops.

~"No, a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow!" exclaimed Pearl.

~But Heidi and Gardenia had already shaped the molten plastic into...

~"Carabiners?" asked Magnolia, pronouncing it CARE-ah-BUY-ners.

~"It's actually CARE-ah-BE-ners," corrected Gloriosa.


~With still plenty of pollution left on and near the site, more camping gear was made from ropes to backpacks and even this stuff called polyester, which was a fabric made of plastic, much to Foxglove's disgust. Once all the plastic was molten into camping gear far too big for the fairies to use, the fairies all hid in a nearby tree and waited.

~"See? i told you search long enough and we'd find our camping gear," said one human girl.

~"Wait, this isn't ours," said another.

~"Who cares?"? said a third. "Free camping gear!"

~The three human girls took up the camping gear and then took off.

~"Is it just me or did those humans look a little older than children?" asked the smaller Silver.

~"They're clearly teenagers," said Gloriosa. "And they're on their way back home."

~"How can you ascertain that?" asked the taller Silver.

~Little did anyone realise that Prilla wound up inside one backpack, Nene in another. As soon as the three human girls hugged one another, they all returned to the Mainland together. A few minutes later Nene and Prilla appeared at the campsite, then blinked away again. The three human girls never even noticed the Belief Talents.

~"That was how," said Gloriosa.

~"C'mon, girls, we've a camping trip to enjoy," said Holly.

~As all 25 flew out of the tree and finished prep, thankfully no further pollution made its way to the site. Now to start camping for real.

To find out more, stay tuned!

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