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[Story] Sisters of the Wilderness: Help is On the Way!

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Next segment is on!

Bibbity Bobbity Blue!

~When the fifteen fairies were certain they had everything they needed for this new Wilderness gauntlet, Hickory found a couple blue gems in a nearby bush and made them glow bright. In fact, she made them glow so bright she washed everything in a deep blue glow, herself included. Perhaps she had learnt to absorb white light and channel the light back out via a special process where her glow matched the colour of the item she touched? Whatever the reason or method, wherever Hickory flew was now engulfed in a blue glow. Unlike Light Talents, who could control the strength of their glows without matching said glows, Hickory stayed blue.

~"Uh-oh, maybe I should've tried that with a white gem," she said, her voice suddenly gurgly like water.

~"Ya think?" asked Gloriosa. "Try absorbing that light back in."

~Hickory did, but it hurt to harness that much blue light in her system, so she decided instead to squeeze her glow really tight, then shoot out as much blue light within her body in one explosion of light as possible! Great idea in retrospect, but now everything and everyone was blue!

~"Uh, wow, that is the bluest Wilderness I've ever encountered," laughed Daylily.

~"Aw man, even my white skin got blued," said Phoebe.

~"Everything is blue here!" exclaimed Tansy.

~"We gotta figure out how to undo the blue before this becomes permanent," said Holly.

~"What if I…" Gloriosa said before trying to pluck away the blue from where it didn't belong, only to have the blue multiply at least as fast as it was pulled away. "Well, I'm out of helpful ideas."

~"I think if we made it rain here…" said Heidi as she spun around gathering moisture from the air, then attempting to form a cloud, but… "Are you kidding?! Even the cloud I made is blue! In fact, even the moisture particles, minute as they are, turned blue and they're supposed to be colourless!"

~How about we have some other Light Talents join us in making this Wilderness back to rights?" asked Jessie.

~"Or we should just leave," said Elva.

~But unlike other Wilderness areas, this one wasn't readily escapable even if it was the wrong colour, ergo the girls were stuck. It was either continue through the blue gauntlet or remain put, but the longer they did the latter, the less variety would remain in the blues. Time to choose.


~"Whoa," said Lenora once she and the other eight saw this new, blue Wilderness.

~"I don't think this Wilderness is supposed to be blue," said Foxglove. "I'm-a fetch a few friends and see if they can make it not completely blue."

~"I think Hickory must've been the reason for this blue Wilderness and as far as I can tell, no one else I know can fix this," said Crystal.

~Foxglove decided to try gathering a bit of white light instead, then aiming it into the blue Wilderness, but that light turned blue too, and the blue was spreading to Foxglove fast! Foxglove flung the light into the Wilderness, but it was too late… she too was turning blue, along with her friends that hadn't yet joined the Wilderness.

~"Well, that was failtastic," said Labyrinth.

~"What's going on?" asked Lenora as the surrounding land went blue too, then everyone got pulled into the Wilderness!

~When the two groups were reunited, Hickory was busy trying to remove the blue from where it shouldn't be, but it was so painful it brought her to tears. She did succeed a little, though.

~"Look on the bright side," said Phoebe. "At least it's a pretty shade of blue."

~"Was a pretty shade of blue," said Foxglove as the Wilderness suddenly started to grey to a stormy blue.

~Hickory then started wailing, darkening the Wilderness until it looked almost like one of her stormy clouds. Most Weather Talents were nowhere near powerful enough to do this, but Hickory was the strongest yet… too strong, in fact. Apparently her despair was reflected in the Wilderness colours, so when she started forming a small cloud from her own tears, it was grey, but only filled with water, no electricity. She then shaped the cloud into a dragonfly and sent her cloud to her home, where Blueblitz awaited.

~Blueblitz, upon seeing the dragonfly-shaped cloud, knew Hickory was in trouble, so she called all her dragonfly friends to help, then they all called the fireflies, hummingbirds, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and pollywogs to help. The huge swarm flew to the Wilderness gauntlet and soon they surrounded everyone.

~"One at a time, please!" Elva cried.

~Blueblitz flew to Hickory to try to cheer her up. Hickory started sniffling and shedding more tears, but she was now relieved. With her fallen tears, Hickory made a new cloud, but this one looked a little friendlier despite still being grey, then she shaped it into a heart and had Blueblitz fly through it. At once the Wilderness was once again blue, but a lighter, friendlier blue. Hickory kissed Blueblitz on her head and, borrowing a little light from each firefly until the light turned white, she absorbed the light, shot it out and…

~"We're not blue anymore!" exclaimed Saffron.

~"Except Lenora," Foxglove pointed out.

~Indeed wherever was not supposed to be blue was no longer blue, so now everyone was ready for the gauntlet.

It's Almost Time

~If not for Hickory's quick thinking to send out a cloud shaped like a dragonfly to Blueblitz, everyone would be stuck in a dreary Wilderness almost devoid of colour, but not only did all those Animal Friends help, they even brought lots of powerful cupcakes for everyone, especially Cypress. Since leaving this Wilderness was definitely out of the question until completion, the Animal Friends had no choice but to join in. They knew this was a gauntlet, but they'd never been allowed into this one until now.

~"For the team," said Daylily, eating one of her most powerful cupcakes, a septuple berry cupcake packed with the tiniest fathomable speck of Blue Dust and sharing her dust with everyone.

~Lavender's Pixie Dust capacity hexidecupled while everyone else's went up eightyfold because a fivefold of sixteen is eighty. Now it would be very unlikely anyone would run out of Pixie Dust. However, every fairy and sparrowman wound up on the ground and their wings were fused shut, meaning they would have to walk through the entire Wilderness.

~"Walk?!" exclaimed Foxglove, pointing to her fancy shoes. "In these shoes?!"

~"That's how this gauntlet works," said Daylily.

~The gauntlet was indeed a toughie even when only the Scouts were allowed through and now the Scouts were walking through once again. Everyone else, however, was just getting started. A walking Wilderness gauntlet wasn't exactly common, but it wasn't that new either, but it was now time to prove that it wasn't just for Scouts to traverse. With Pixie Dust maxed, time to start the gauntlet... finally.

I wonder what lies ahead in the new Wilderness gauntlet? Stay tuned and find out!

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