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How to Make Removable, Sturdy Felt Wings for a Doll

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I recently made some felt wings for one of my dolls to wear, but they weren't made of paper. Instead, I used felt and a thin wire gauge.

Felting machine or thread and sewing needle, whichever you have (I had only thread and a sewing neeedle)
Bendable, poseable wire (20 gauge or thinner, the higher the number the thinner the gauge)
Wire cutter
Felt (at least A6, or about 105 mm by 148 mm)
Paper to make a template with
A writing utensil that works
Doll, preferably around the size between a Happy Meal sized Barbie and a bit larger than a standard one (I used a Curvy Made to Move Barbie)
A pair of steady hands

1. Decide on the size doll you want your wings to fit.
2. Find some felt that's at least A6 size.
3. Decide on a shape and draw it on a template piece of paper.

3a. Important! Make sure your template wings are smaller than half the felt surface!
4. Cut out the template.
5. Affix the template to the felt and cut around it, then around the first piece you cut out. You can also fold the felt in half if you remembered step 3a and used less than half the felt size for the wing.

6. If you want more than one pair of wings, make at least one template for each additional pair as long as you can fit them all in your felt.
7. Arrange your wings (If you made more than one pair) into a shape that you want.
7a. Also important! Once sewn together, your wings will pretty much remain in that position until you cut the connexions within the wings!
8. Repeat the same pattern for the other wing set (if more than one pair).

9. Find your 20 thinner gauge wire and wrap it around your doll's waist at least thrice with a bit extra, then cut with the wire cutter to fit. Unwrap and bend in half.
10. Thread the wire through the edge of each wing that'll be near the doll's back, then adjust to fit better.
11. Wrap the wire around your doll's waist again, ensuring said wire fits with your doll clothed. You can also wrap like a shoulder belt for added stability, but you'll need a little more wire for that.

12. Enjoy fairy playtime!

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