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[journal] Different Fairies and Powers

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Once again I've caught the Storytime Bug, so here goes.By the by, some of what follows is opinion as I hadn't read the book In the Realm of the Never Fairies, so read responsibly.

~If you've never read Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, there's an explanation of this thing called Wand Madness. Wand Madness happens when a fairy or anyone else wields a wand, including the owner of said wand. I myself have read this book at least once and even have the audio version, but there's an explanation on the different types of fairies in the Disney Fairies books.

~Greater Wandies are the tallest, generally taller than almost any human will ever grow to and they have wands ranging from benign to wicked or mischievous of heart, depending on the size of the heart. They know how to have a wand sleep so any wish granted must be specific before waving it, but even asleep the wielder of the wands can catch Wand Madness and think of all sorts of wishes.

~Lesser Wandies also use wands, but their wands have smaller hearts, ergo oft ammoral because they seem less able to tell right from wrong. Little else is currently known about the Lesser Wandies at this point, but I'm sure Lesser Wandies might be closer to the height of an average adult human than the average Greater Wandy. Also, they might also be able to coax a wand to sleep, but I bet it's a little harder for them because, again, smaller-hearted wands.

~Spell-Casters are even lesser-known than the Wanded Fairies, but they probably won't need wands because their magic is perhaps built into their systems moreso than the Wandies. Spell-Casters might need to learn spells or come up with new ones or even gather supplies for said spells to work, but there's an excellent chance a wand is the least of their worries. They probably can come any size from really small to really large.

~Giant Shimmering Fairies are equally little-known compared to Spell-Casters, but these Shimmery Giants are probably really huge and could also have magic within, but also use wands or special magical dust which might be built in, or even special magical items. Again, very little is known about the Shimmery Giants, but they still have the magic they need nontheless.

~And now we have the best known of all, the Neverfairies. It would take a very long time to explain Neverfairies, but the concise of it would be that Neverfairies are the smallest of all, averaging 127 millimetres or five inches tall regardless of gender (some are smaller, some taller) and they most likely have to work the hardest as they can only fly if their wings are dry, intact and dusted with Pixie or Fairy Dust, but more on that later. Also, Neverfairies have several Talent guilds, such as Water, Animal, Light, Garden, Fast-Flying, Tinker or Frost, to name seven. There are easily more than twenty other Talents, including Subtalents and even Infratalents, but that would take too long to explain here.

~There are three talents that have only one known member each: Instrument Repair, Fire and Belief, better known as Mainland-Visiting, Clapping, Travel or even Laughing, but we'll stick to Belief because, best fit. An Instrument Tinker specialises in repairing or building musical instruments. A Fire Talent can harness fire within her body and hates being doused or stuck with menial tasks if not a Kitchen Specialist. A Belief Talent is assumed Incomplete because she has more human mannerisms, but the opposite is true: the human that laughs a Belief Talent into existence almost never remains Complete because a bit of said human, oft called Clumsies by the Neverfairies, will stick to that laugh and said laugh will continue to her destination a little more human. As such, a Belief Talent isn't simply Incomplete, but oft a little too Complete.

~Of the five types of fairies mentioned, the one type actually not allowed to wield a wand is a Neverfairy because Neverfairies now have two wise matriarchs, Queen Clarion and Mother Dove. Neverland itself is also quite wise, even wiser than either matriarch, but again, all three are quite wise. Trying to wand anything to Neverland blocks the wand wave, so one has to fly there because it's safer. Also, Neverfairies have Pixie Dust prepared in a special mill to ration out daily. Each fairy is only allowed one cup a day, no more, no less, but in the Pixie Hollow Online canon, each fairy gets a daily ration which grows based on rank and can be restored with special sweets. Pixie Dust retains the same potency no matter the location gathered, so it works the same for all Talents and for Fast-Flyers, they even gain control of the wind too.

~We've heard that the Pixe Dust Tree was lost in a fire long, long ago, but then we got Fairy Dust by grinding the moulten feathers in the mill to make Fairy Dust. Unlike Pixie Dust, Fairy Dust varies in potency per talent based on the location gathered from and denies Fast-Flyers the ability to control wind. Also unlike Pixie Dust, which is made with a blue Moonstone followed by insertion into the Pixie Dust Tree and safe to touch a Moonstone with, if Fairy Dust touches a Moonstone, it actually ruins the Moonstone, rendering it useless anymore. Oh, and Fairy Dust only comes in golden yellow and can't be alchemised like Pixie Dust.

~Should one happen upon 26 grains of blue Pixie Dust and a moonstone, alongside the materials for an Autumn Revelry Sceptre, one can essentially make blue Pixie Dust again and either have Fairy Dust as a backup or cease its use altogether. Apparently in the Pixie Hollow Online canon it seems we either never lost Pixie Dust or have it again because Pixie Dust is quite prevalent, even to the point it can even be baked into goodies or used to try out different Wilderness skills!

~In conclusion these are the items different fairies have and the different kinds of fairies, but there are far more than five types. I've done quite a good deal of research, so suffices to say have a magical day.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation of different fairies because it's not as easy doing research when you've a limited supply of information on the subject.

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