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[Story] The Way it Became

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Okay, consider this a sequel that starts as an interquel (tale taking place betwixt two established tales) to The Way it Was, but this time it starts here.

~After quite some time of not being able to fly about The Hollow anymore, I had a strong desire to fly again... so strong in fact that I began to write tales of my time flying about, but what began as tales of this place melded into a whole 'nother tale altogether. Finally, having mustered up the courage, I decided to enter this brand new (at least to me) world and my first Winter Fairy was born.

~I wanted to fly about so dearly, but ran into a snag or three: first, I lost the key, so I figured, since there was a different way in, I'd enter that way instead. Unfortunately I lost that key too. Next, I kept trying to get new keys to enter, to no avail. Finally, I made it back in, only eight days from a true lockout... eight! No way I was losing another key!

~This new Hollow was amazing despite the lack of games! At the time I finally made it in it was very empty and had some extra steps on one path that I'd forgotten for almost a fortnight, but one day I found a way back to both. For quite a while it was very empty. I almost never seemed able to enter another's path, often having to set up my own instead, but at least I still had a lot of fun as my first Winter Fairy.

~My other Winter Fairy could explore more realms than my first, but soon grew bored and a Storyteller was born, then a very small , fashion forward Artist, a Tea Maker that could also control water but hated the cold and the tallest of all, an Animal Scout that was very in tune to her emotions. They all loved flying about from time to time, but only the first got to play Dress-up while the rest were still in their Arrival Gowns.

~It came to pass that a very small (but a bit taller than the Artist) but strong Weather Fairy who had brontophobia was born. She preferred cheery colours and weather, but could manipulate the weather very well if need be, plus she had very strong lungs too. Thankfully, she was pretty careful about her strength.

~News came of an upgrade and we were all curious. All seven of my fairies prepared and the Weather Fairy even did house tours, making sure to have pictures painted of each house toured so we could remember the Way it Was. With houses toured and all last-minute memories documented, we were good to go.

~But though the first Winter Fairy stayed, the other six fairies migrated and six new ones took their place: an Animal Scout with a passion for coiffures (hair care), a Baker, a Seamstress with impeccable singing and whistling prowess, a Musician lacking such prowess, making up for it with playing instruments very well, a very small Acorn Harvester that was allergic to pollen and a Fast-Flyer that could speak better than she could hear and loved wearing tutus. The place seemed great.

~Until a few little issues came that made things a little sluggish, then fairies started going stealth accidentally. This even newer path still needed a little love and care, but at least it could still be used. That, my friends is The Way the Hollow Became after some tweaks, but I await any new fun that pops up!

Thus endeth the tale. Hope you enjoyed this Sequel to the Way it Was!

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