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[Solved] Basic instructions

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Hi all, is there a list anywhere of
-where games and minigames are
-how to earn more fairy diamonds/money/objects
New to the game and just need some basic instructions but can't find them in other threads.
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Hi! It's my pleasure to be able to tell you that Pinecone Pop is on it's way as a mini-game and will be added in game soon!

As for other mini-games here's a link to mini-games on the forum that you can play (I don't have adobe flash on this current computer of mine so I'm not sure if they all still work but let me know if they don't) here's the link: https://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=90

As for earning diamonds/money/objects- diamonds don't have a use as of now on the forums or in game, but I believe they will in the future! Currently you can donate your clothes to Coal, who's in Cottonpuff Field. But, as of now Summit Style clothes are all free, so you won't get anything from the donation. However, in the future there will be a ingredient consuming shop, and you may get diamonds from donating!

Once again, I wouldn't worry about money, everything is free in game! The one thing you can earn is credits on the forums, along with that coins, never silver, & loyalty and contribution points. You can buy buddies on the forums with coins, never silver, or loyalty and that's the "currency" we have here. You go up in rank on the forums as you gain credit, the more you interact with other members of the community from the following ways, the more credit you gain: making threads, replying to other peoples threads, visiing others profiles/pages by clicking their name, commenting on their page, etc. We'll soon have talent levels in game as well, which is also super exciting. And lastly, I'm guessing by objects you mean ingredients? You can fly around the hollow and collect them but they don't really have a use as of now, but once again, as stated above, they will in the future with the consuming shop.
I hope I was able to help answer your questions, have a wonderful day!~

Villiana on the forums, Nilla in 1.0 ~ Nissa in 2.0.
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