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[Story] Rarest Talents in Pixie Hollow

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There are many talents and subtalents in the Hollow, but do you know about any of those?

Fast Flying Talents-I put this at the top of the list because it's the most common. We all know about fast flyers! They're getting increasingly more common, but back in the day, they were way more scarce. Fast flyers arrived more when Pixie Hollow became part of Neverland all those seasons ago.

Fire Talents-These fairies were actually more common before Pixie Hollow became part of Neverland, but nowadays they're a rare sighting. The need for fire fairies has also increased drastically. This is why many of the fire fairies either left Pixie Hollow or they became alchemists.

Mind Talents-This is another talent many find unnececary. They have the ability to move things with their mind, predict the future and they have an infallable memory. They've been seen helping some fairy scholars a lot, like the scribes and dust alchemists.

Rock Talents-This talent was mentioned in Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure by Silvermist. The thing is, they may actually exist. They just tend to hang out with other talents like the mining talents because they're so rare. If you've ever watched a My Little Pony episode with Maud Pie or Pinkie Pie's rock farm, you may be familar with the rock fairies. I'm personally unfamilar what the rock fairies do exactly. I just know it has to do with rocks (maybe harvesting them????)

Clapping Talent-This talent is the rarest because there's currently only one clapping talent in the Hollow; Prilla. Her job is very important because she could travel to the mainland in the blink of an eye to convince children to clap to show they believe. Because she's the only member of her talent, she's sometimes considered an honorary member of all the talents.

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