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June 14, 2024 FCF Recap

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Post time 2024-6-16 17:17:27 | All posts |Dock

We were so incredibly happy to welcome back the wonderful founder of Fashion Contest Friday: Abigail Flickerfly

Abi, you are such a loved member of this community & it was such a blessing that you were able to join us this past Friday night!

We love you Abi!

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 9.02.50 PM.png

Hope to see you at next weeks FCF!

Last Weeks FCF Recap

Don't Forget: Prom June 22, 2024

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Post time 2024-7-5 00:30:54 | All posts
I'm still working on catching up on things so I'm not fully sure why a lot of people's arrival outfits seemed to be purposefully in 'my colors' even though I didn't know I'd be able to come back this Friday; but, goodness, I want to somehow be able to put the thankful, loved, cared-for feeling of being enveloped in a huge group hug into words because it's what everyone has done for me these past couple weeks - and let's be real, the past year even - but I'm not sure you really can fully put that feeling into words.

I've missed all of you so much, daily, and am so grateful for the graciousness, thoughtfulness, and support everyone had when I unexpectedly was not able to be online for a year. It definitely was not something I planned or that happened lightly. This community is the opposite of inconsequential to me and, uuuugh I just love you all so so much.

I'm so glad I was able to fly in to FCF again, and later prom, and start interacting with the community again. I do apologize for flooding the "Last replied" section with various older threads; I was so happy to see all the pictures from the various events from the past year.

I've had a long list of thank you's I've really wanted to give to the whole Fabc community as I've caught up on things from while I was away; I am hoping to add something to my page regarding my Mainland situation of the past year but within the site boundaries keeping personal information safe. For those in the Fabc Discord there is a more comprehensive update I posted in the support channel which is accessible to active members <333

Many many thank you's to Juno, June, Margo, Holly, Helen, Violet, Jasper, & Posy who made sure that Fabc events were able to continue as well as expand in such amazing personalized ways. This community's support is a large part of the reason I had and have strength & fortitude to fight the "Kyto dragons" on the Mainland and to have been able to fly in to FCF, prom, etc. again.

Very much hoping to fly with everyone again soon, and truly from the bottom of my heart, with many more to come, thank you <3
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