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[Party] Frosty Party Night Recap!

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Post time 2023-12-9 06:23:48 | All posts |Dock
Edited by ElarianaSky at 2023-12-9 02:32

Frosty Party Night was a success!

So here's a recap of everything that went down~

First arrivals:

Everyone looked so frostastic! Such a delight seeing everyone in their frosty cozy goodness

We kicked off the night with a twist on the classic game of Two Truths and One Lie.

It was instead Two Lies and One Truth!

Rules were the same, the only difference was the requirement of saying one truth only and two lies only.

If anyone else wants to try out this game for future events, definitely feel free to! You have my permission

Hehe courtesy of June capturing a sweet moment. We're all about friends and fun of course!

At one point, 15 players had joined!

Honestly, more than I was expecting. Thank you so much! 💜

We then moved to Mid-Night to play two rounds of Hide and Seek~

We decided to keep it very simple and classic!

Some excellent highlights:

April's incredible idea for hiding, picture taken by the seeker Juno~

My hiding spot during round two!

Witness a hardcore throwback to ogph days with the Speedchat countdown!
Loved the blast from the past!

Crystal's amazing idea for hiding, inspired by April in the previous round!

Picture taken by round 2's seeker, June~

Gotcha! You win some, you lose some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unfortunately, it was at this moment we found out...

The server crashed.

It crashed three times the whole night actually I think. Or was it two?

Either way, it crashed which meant we had to cut round 2 of hide and seek short.

The night was finished off with quite the chaotic game of rock paper scissors!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the final game as there was too much chaos :\

But I can confirm that we attempted a thirteen way round of rock paper scissors! Everyone won that round.

Juno and Donner also had quite a handful of personal RPS rounds which wound up with Juno losing...

Or am I making this up?  ðŸ˜  Maybe she won and was actually the champion of the night!

You'll never know!

I leave you with a picture of quite the threatening looking snowman!
I wonder who that really is...

Make sure to attend next week's FCF! And a lovely Winter Wonderland Ball is just around the corner as well!

Be there or be square!

And on that note, I end this with a warm (or frosty and cold? cx) thank you for attending tonight's party!
It was my first ever event hosted on FairyABC and...Unfortunately my last. My first and last event.

I want to take a quick second to announce that I'll be gone for the next two years!
I have mainland things I'll need to focus on, nothing too crazy or wild, but definitely things that will require 100% of my focus.

Thank you so much for making 2023 as enjoyable as it was! It was wonderful getting to know new people and reconnecting with old friends.
All the events, parties, competitions, movie nights and more were so much fun!
There was a lot of chaos this past year, but a lot of happy memories, a lot of good times and tons of laughs!
But all good things must come to an end, whether it is temporary or permanent.
I hope to drop by here and there over the course of the next two years, but I promise nothing.
I'll stick around until the end of the year but come January and I will be gone.

Thank you once again and thanks for the wonderfully flitterific memories!

Until we meet again, see you later! 💜

I will get over it easily, but first I gotta be dramatic. I am not a simple clown. I am the entire circus.
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