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🧛🏽Monster Moon Ball Recap! 🐺

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Post time 2023-11-11 03:27:50 | All posts |Dock
Hi there! Violet here, finally got the spoons to finish the recap. lets gooooo.
the location was a strange idea until we walked in, and was like "ok i see why you picked the wedding hall."

First arrival! Celeste, my new nighttime demon.
May you stop staring at me while I just wanna grab a snack.

our first game! Would you rathers, that i made myself. here's the list:
Would you smooch a ghost?
date a vampire or date a werewolf?
Would you rather come back to life as a ghost or a zombie?
Fight a hydra or a leviathan?
Pick a hybrid monster to be! Chimera or a Sphinx?
King Kong vs. Godzilla, who’s winning?

(Turns out being VERY into mythological monsters is not a phase everyone had, so it was annoying yet fun trying to explain the difference between a hydra and a leviathan. or what was a chimera.)

Group inspo time!

"say something wierd" (not shown, a game of freeze tag)
kinda hard to take pics of that while also running hehe.

"ok, NOW we say Monster Moon Ball" I wanted to touch a water fountain.

After that, messing around with the rest of the venue.

Me and the bois.

The wedding house is strange! some spots you cant fly through, this random pillar that we can hide behind, T H E  V O I D.
this is such a normal chapel uwu

welcome to the void, we got this funny arrow and NOTHING ELSE!

Celeste blends in wonderfully.
The event officially "ended" after an hour or 2, but those pooh bears earlier were just the vibes we needed this ball!

Candy Corn Gang.

ahh~ that was fun, next ball will definitely be more casual though.

'till then, seeya! - Violet

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