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terrathefairy [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Welcome to my page ♥ I'm Terra aka Infinity Seasparkle


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  • DescriptionHi guys my name is Infinity Seasparkle but my username says (terrathefairy) because that's my name lol. But yeah welcome to my page
  • HobbiesSwimming
    Going on adventures ♥
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentWater talent

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It's Been a While... 2018-03-10
Hey! so some of you must be thinking if i'm still alive? Haha yes I am. I just have been so busy! I'm sorry for not being active... I will be posting ...
(231) Views|(0) Comments
Where Have I been? 2017-09-25
Hey guys so recently said that I was back and I was posting things. Well since then I haven't been back. I have been busy with some things. I have dan ...
(240) Views|(0) Comments
I'm Back 2017-07-30
Hello everyone Infinity here! So sorry for not being active. I have been so busy. But now I'm back and I will be posting and editing videos for youtub ...
(250) Views|(0) Comments
Summer Party!! 2017-06-08
So recently there was a summer party hosted by Iris WinterSparkle It was so much fun  there were so many fairies. Also this was my first summer p ...
(331) Views|(3) Comments
New Haircut!?! 2017-05-29
So I recently got my hair cut short and I was so excited but kinda sad. The weather where I live is extremely hot, so I just wanted to chop of my hair ...
(413) Views|(1) Comments
Video Editing 2017-05-21
Hi everyone! So right now I just finished filming a YouTube video for my channel. And basically the video is about the new meadows. They are just so b ...
(286) Views|(3) Comments

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Dresses24 2017-6-4 20:17
oooooh photographyyy
SillySocks 2017-5-25 00:57
smallapple403 2017-5-21 09:37
terrathefairy: my day is going good what about you <3
Great >.< can't wait for the Billboard Music Award tonight at 5pm est lol BTS will be in it ahh
amethystdayglow 2017-5-21 09:19
Did your vid go well?
Pumpkin 2017-5-20 23:53
terrathefairy: hey pumpkin i'm bored wanna go play on PH?
Fly with you tomorrow!
smallapple403 2017-5-20 12:38
terrathefairy: Thank you   
ywww hows ur day? :D
smallapple403 2017-5-18 10:20
Welcome to FairyABC :)
pearlcuteshine 2017-5-16 02:48
Hi Terra! Welcome to Fairyabc! :) I hope to see you soon in game!!
Lavender-Marie 2017-5-15 09:29
Welcome to FairyABC! If you ever need help or have questions, feel free to contact me (or any other mod/admin). In order to PM me, simply click my name and click "Send PM" under my profile picture on my page. If you require my assistance immediately and I'm not online, you can contact me at [email protected] You can email me or use hangouts, I don't really care which. I hope I can see you in-game :D
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