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  • Descriptionhi! my name is mara, welcome to my profile! i joined fairyabc on may 16, 2017 and have loved it ever since!
    ~ нαямσηү яαιηρεтαℓ ~
  • Hobbiessinging, photography, reading, listening to music :)
    used to be agmusic ~
  • Gendersecret
  • TalentSinging talent

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hi! my name is mara, welcome to my space!

i like singing, reading, and photography : )

my profile picture was drawn by my pal moonbeam47!!

music i like:

absolute favorites

- mew

- waterparks

- last dinosaurs

- bastille

- grayscale

- hippo campus

- imagine dragons

- onerepublic

- as it is

- vinyl theatre

- bears in trees

- jetty bones

indie artists that are somehow all entirely different genres

- dayglow

- flor

- coin

- glass animals

- the aces

- early eyes

- the altogether

pop punk lads

- heart attack man

- remo drive

- little junior

- roam

- nonfiction

- set it off

- with confidence

- eat your heart out

- young culture

- point north

- happy.

- real friends

- stand atlantic


- twenty one pilots

- the moth & the flame

- friday pilots club

- ajr

- idkhow

- baths

- childcare

- swmrs

danish pop???


- turbolens

- aksglæde

- barselona

- molina

- katinka

- undertekst

- communions

... ...
. <3  
today is my fairyabc arrival day!! :) 2018-05-16
one year ago today, i decided to create a fairyabc account. one year later, i've made a bunch of friends, and i'm even a moderator!!  thank you g ...
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Hi! 2017-08-27
Hi! This is my first blog post :) Since I have over 500 coins now, I've been thinking about changing my forum name. I was thinking of changing it to " ...
(347) Views|(4) Comments

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beanytomo 2019-6-22 14:00
love the pink!
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  • hey guys! school started for me last week so i'll probably be less active but i'll log in a few times every week to check in on things and welcome new members! :) Reply
  • lads should i change my space to a pastel pink theme or keep it as blue?? Reply
  • also sorry i've been a little inactive this month, school has been Crazy but my exams ended last week so i'll be more active now!! : ) Reply
  • can't believe i missed my 2 year fabc anniversary sjkdfhjshdfdf seriously though, i can't believe i joined fairyabc over two years ago !! Reply
  • i just finished the second book in the children of eden series today,,, i'm on the third book now and i'm shook skdjfhkjsdf Reply
  • just spent an hour fixing my space and the space on my other account because they got reset :)) Reply
  • harmony has blue hair again,, shoutout to summer 2017 kjsdfhjkshdfs Reply
  • the reply button isn't working rip Reply
  • today is my birthday!! :) Reply
  • shoutout to 2017 when i used to post updates every single time i changed my space/music sdkfjhsjdf i might change my space for the first time in a While + my music has changed a Bit so that's nice lol ... Reply
  • i know it's not january 1st anymore but happy danger days year pals Reply
  • merry christmas pals!!! :) Reply
  • hoW is it already december,, wow ksjhdfkjshdfj Reply
  • i was going to play 1.0 and on the loading page it said "breezy loading." for a second?? i wasn't able to screenshot it but i saw it,,, Reply

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