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Okokok.    I created my Anime Cosplay album, you guys should stop stalking my page, scroll down, and click it to check it out!     
2017-7-25 01:53 Reply|
Lol. So for practice I had to run 2 miles to this food place and stop before turning back, but I had to stop myself from just walking into the food place and ordering something.  
2017-7-24 23:43 Reply|
I just got home from soccer practice and now I feel like I have the power to kick anything  
2017-7-24 21:33 Reply|
Think I might make an Anime Cosplay Album and dress up my fairy.
2017-7-24 14:54 Reply|
This Clannad theme is fye  
2017-7-24 02:30 Reply|
Yikes, I tried my first 3D edit today.
2017-7-23 03:00 Reply|
I think I'll do a anime theme next. Maybe a Clannad one with all the characters.
2017-7-22 22:27 Reply|
Think I might redecorate my page like every 1-2 weeks. I can never stick to the same things, UGH.
2017-7-20 22:37 Reply|

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