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So I have an argumentative essay due tomorrow and I haven't started it yet at all (I have time for it, I'll be fine) But like, the fact that I have to write one is gross by itself. Aiugh School why. ...
  • beanytomo: those are the worst :( (9-29 11:32)
  • Bored5437: Yeah. He had us read example ones from the test the prompt showed up on. One was an 8 paper (the highest score is 9). So like, no confidence whatsoever in my page and a half. ~.~ (9-29 18:37)
  • Bored5437: by he I mean my teacher whoops (9-29 18:38)
  • beanytomo: oh dear! (9-30 22:22)
  • Bored5437: Lucky for me he doesn't actually grade these. He gives us a score like we'd get on the AP test, but it doesn't count for/against us. So woo (10-2 16:22)
  • beanytomo: yee! (10-2 17:26)
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