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Grades update~~~

Hot 2Viewed 364 times2017-9-29 18:47

Okay, so the first half of my school semester is nearing a close, which means for this quarter whatever grade I have right now in my classes are what I'm going to end the quarter with.
My grades as of now:

Trig - A
CEA - A-
Chem - B
PE 1 - B
AP Gov - A
AP Eng - A-
Post WW2 - A

Now, as far as I know that is what I'll have on my report card for this quarter, but I'm fairly certain there's going to be another grade or two in each class before then. So I suppose these are subject for change, but I'm going to pretend that's what they'll stay.
I'm proud to say so myself. ^.^

i don't care





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Reply Jasper 2017-10-2 13:16
Better grades than me lol!! Congrats

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