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Things From Steven Universe I Am Concerned About.

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*Possible spoilers ahead, so, unless you don't care, read on.*

Okay, so, in Steven Universe there are two gems.  Both of these gems are of the same type, Zircon. Now, that may not seem like much, but it is to me, because OH. MY GOD.

That is really the only reason I made this blog post. But, I guess I could talk about other things regarding SU that concern me. Woooop.

 Another thing I guess concerns me is, clearly, the hiatus. I was going to make a thread about it at the SU group's forum, but I decided against it. And, honestly, I may go do that now. IDK. Anyway, the thing about it is that it constantly happens. After a huge special like "Wanted" or a StevenBomb (a series of 5 or so episodes that air usually Mon-Fri that all progress the plot and add new elements to the story and such. There's been about 6 now I think), a hiatus is usually immediately afterwords. And honestly, I'm afraid because if there's much more hiatus, like, Gravity Falls level of a break between a new episode and the previous one, then I don't think SU will really survive that much longer on Cartoon Network. Plus there's the leaks of new episodes that always happens before the actual episodes air, mostly occurring during the time of another StevenBomb, which also gives me a whole lot of concern.

Moving on from that, I want to talk about what concerns me about the characters- NO NOT ZIRCON, WE DON'T TALK ABOUT ZIRCON ANYMORE (jk) -and by this, I mean the characters we haven't seen yet. If you're up to date on the show, you probably know I'm talking about any of these characters: White Diamond, Pink Diamond's Pearl, PD herself (I guess), and, even though we've seen her already, Rose Quartz, cause honestly, I am so confuzzled about her.
 I'm going to start off with the person I'm least "OH MY GAH, WHAAAAAH" about, with that being Pink Diamond. For those of you who have no idea who  I'm talking about, I'll explain what I basically know. So, Pink Diamond was the newest of the Diamond Authority, the group that governs all of gemkind basically. Her first colony was Earth, where most of the story takes place. However, she was eventually shattered during the time of the rebellion, leading in part to the War for Earth. Before the episode "The Trial", it was assumed Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellious group "The Crystal Gems" shattered PD with a sword. However, after the events of said episode, Blue Zircon (I LIED, SUE ME) brought up the thought that with how PD left her palanquin just before her shattering, that she was shattered by someone close to her. This lead to the Diamonds (Yellow and Blue, but also White in a stretch) to be accused of her death. Yada yada yada, boom, history. Now, the thing about PD is that we know next to nothing about her. Sure, she oversaw the colonization of Earth and was subsequently shattered there, while she also had many different gems in her court. Other than that, nothing else is really known, despite her and Blue Diamond clearly having a very strong bond with each other. This exact reason, the one of knowing nothing about her to be exact, is why I consider her a concerning character, albeit a rather minuscule one. You see, nothing is known about her other than what was previously mentioned, so anything could be thrown on the table as to how she acted. Yet, the thing is, Rose was also part of her court, along with other gems (Jaspers, Amethysts, and select Pearls/Sapphires) which leads to exactly how she could act. Rose had healing abilities, so that could mean she does as well. The Jasper and Amethyst we know can do things with fire, so it could also mean she can do stuff with fire too. I don't know exactly what, but I doubt it'd be a subtle firecracker kind of thing, if you catch my drift.
Moving onto the next character, PD's Pearl. She honestly has nothing known about her at all, with only a small reference to her by the blue gem that shall not be named cause I'll mess it up, where she asks where Pink Pearl was at the time of PD's shattering. And, really, she could be any pearl we have seen, or haven't. I highly doubt she and our Pearl are the same character, nor do I think the Pearl that makes up Rhodonite (a fusion of a pearl and ruby) are the same either. But, that's why she is even more concerning to me (i say that so much in this, get ready for more), mainly because of how she didn't say anything to warn her diamond of her unfortunate demise. Sure, she may not have been able to until after, but still, I'm shooketh, if you will.
Next up is Rose because I can't stop talking about pink things. Rose was the leader of the Crystal Gems before, during, and even after the Gem War, however is no longer with us (she ain't dead, at least, not fully) because she gave up her physical form so Steven could be born.  And, really, she's an INCREDIBLY shady character in her own right. She lied about Bismuth, a crystal gem from the past that everyone (other than Amethyst and Steven) thought was captured/ long since shattered. She possibly shattered PD (still a possibility, albeit an unlikely one) and completely left a whole lot of just jumbled blarg for Steven to have to fix. Really, she is, like I said, a shady character, even though most instances we've seen with her have been portraying her as kind and gentle (I guess). Really, nothing else is known about her (running theme in this) which is why she (can you guess what I'm about to say?) is concerning to me.  If you guessed I would say that, you get a reasonably sized cookie. But really, Rose could be a darker character, yet, we have no solid 100% proof that she is this, even though we have the thing with  Bismuth. Anyway.
Lastly, we have the (presumed) leader of all of Homeworld, top part of the Diamond Authority, White Diamond. This part will be short because. NOTHING. IS KNOWN. ABOUT HER. All we know are the following things:
1) She's a diamond
2) She's white in coloration
3) She has yet to make a single physical appearance, yet she's been depicted in a statue thing on Homeworld (Watch the end part of "The Trial" to see this) and also has been depicted in a mural on the base located on Earths Moon
4) Because the mural, it can be assumed she runs Homeworld, due to the grandiose-ness (thats a word) of her depiction and the orb she holds between her hands.
That's what I could think of off the top of my head. 
Anyway, as you could tell, nothing is really known about her that isn't blatantly obvious or inferred through said blatantly obvious things. She didn't even make an appearance in "The Trial" despite it being about the shattering of her own technical sister, Pink Diamond. Those reasons are enough for me to be scared for not only the entire fan base (you know something gonna go down, and it isn't gonna be pretty) and the characters of the show itself (like I said, not pretty) once she is revealed. But, until then, we don't know. I'll just keep assuming she's tyrannical, cold, and generally a bad gem (person?).

Yeah, that's all I have energy for. I was originally going to just talk about the whole Zircon thing (AUIGH) but it turned into this and now an hour of my life has been spent talking about something that would make my brain hurt if none of it was explained. You welcome.

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Reply Lavender-Marie 2017-7-10 22:02
lmao my brain autocorrects things too xD
Reply Bored5437 2017-7-11 01:33
Lavender-Marie: lmao my brain autocorrects things too xD
So glad I'm not alone on that. xD

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