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sequel to "Octavia"

Viewed 244 times2018-3-29 23:52 |Personal category:Writing

So I'm back, as you might have noticed, and one of the things I really want to do is write a sequel to "Octavia", my entry to the writing contest a while back. I took a look at some of the drafts I wrote, and WOW that stuff was dark. One of them concerned the apocalypse and was reeeally long, and it tracked fairy history through names, and the other was about Octavia's reflections on tea as her friends fade until she's the only one left. Yikes. If anyone is particularly interested in reading them, PM me or something, but I'm not about to post them here.

So that brings me to my new options. Here are a few concepts that I've been thinking of:

- Octavia's only all-around victory at the Great Games

- Mireena and Nadia Miriniis, an innovative water fairy and a winter leader with only a name in common.

- Silver, about the unusual silver guards that Octavia talks about. Probably features the most recurring characters of the bunch, including apparent crowd favorite Ere (pronounced AIR-ey, I finally decided.).

Ve, the story of a scout fairy assigned to guard an unusual charge
- and another story with the same characters, from another perspective: Lolai

I'll probably think of more when I'm not so tired, but let me know what y'all think. Leaning towards Silver or Ve/Lolai, because I've given them the most thought, but I'm willing to be persuaded. Let me know what you think.

Glad to be back,

i don't care





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