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I went to the fashion con for the first time yesterday; it was so fun and impressively well organised! I hope to attend or judge another one soon, if not next week.
2017-10-14 14:25 Reply|
Voldemort, in retrospect, seems in some ways more logical than his most visible opponents.
2017-10-14 14:24 Reply|
  • Jasper: I can relateeeee.. (10-6 13:55)
2017-10-6 12:25 Reply|
Haven't been around lately, and not particular reason why. I think I'm realizing I'm sort of a flaky fairy. Can't tie this pixie down... hmm.
  • Jasper: I've been there, lol. Glad you're back! (10-5 23:27)
  • zance: Thanks Jas! (10-5 23:32)
2017-10-5 21:55 Reply|
Caught a cold on the mainland, so I missed the End of Summer Sparkler. Oh well. I've been treating it like fall since September began.
  • Jasper: You were missed! (9-25 11:10)
  • zance: Aww, thanks Jas! Seems I'll never be on time to an event, if I make it at all! (9-25 14:11)
  • Cookies: OH MAN colds are so annoying. I hope you get better soon. Also, I missed it as well, FeelsBadMan. AND SAME. FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON <3 (9-25 16:32)
  • zance: Thanks, and yeah! I haven't had one in so long, so I feel like I'm being overly dramatic, but SO ANNOYING! haha. (9-25 18:17)
2017-9-24 15:44 Reply|
Secrets and mysteries behind every face. Hmm, hmm, hmm.
2017-9-14 21:30 Reply|
"What goes ha-ha-thump? A man laughing his head off."
2017-9-8 00:58 Reply|
"I never make mistakes. I thought I did once, but I was wrong."
  • HappyDerp: Irony? I am the worst at interpreting quotes, yet I'm in Honors English   (9-16 18:08)
  • zance: Hahaha, yup. I saw it somewhere and found it clever. (9-16 21:44)
  • HappyDerp: Oh wow! That's pretty cool. If you ever find it in an image quote, you should put the quote on your page as an image, I think it would look very nice! (9-16 22:08)
  • zance: That's an idea, I might think about it! (9-16 22:27)
2017-9-8 00:55 Reply|
Meditating on whether or not to 'actively' think about putting music on this page.
2017-9-8 00:51 Reply|
Trying to rationalise the 'irrationality' I believe is inherent in the question of when is too soon to start preparing for the ATB. ARGHY ARGH ARGH
2017-9-8 00:48 Reply|
Pieces are coming together.
2017-9-8 00:44 Reply|

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