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I anticipate that mainland life will keep me heavily occupied for most of the next couple months, so I likely won't be able to fly in much, if at all. Hope to fly with you all in the fall!
2018-7-23 01:22 Reply|
WOW has it been a while since I've posted anything. Darn glitches... ;) Anyways, I'm back- for a while. I'm sorry I missed the Honey Full Moon Ball. Abi did a FLITTERIFIC JOB as a sub-host.
2018-7-13 20:46 Reply|
Pink Moon Ball is next Sunday, y'all! WOOT WOOT
  • MidnightEscape: I'm so excited!! I spent so much time on my outfit for it :') (4-24 16:23)
  • zance: That's the best part of the anticipation, I think. :) (4-25 14:29)
  • MidnightEscape: (4-25 14:30)
2018-4-24 00:11 Reply|
I can't wait until I'm done with my current mainland tasks. Then I can get started worrying about the next one!
2018-4-7 15:35 Reply|
The Blue Moon Ball has been announced! I hope to see you all there on March 31st, at 8pm EST!
2018-3-25 16:09 Reply|
SPRING HATH SPRUNG, PIXIES! Great job everyone, especially the thinker Tinkers!  
2018-3-22 13:07 Reply|
2018-3-9 23:33 Reply|
Thank you everyone who came to the Full Moon Ball! You all looked F A B U L O U S!  
  • Jasper: So did you, Mrs. host! ;P (3-2 18:49)
  • zance: Is that a dig at my overt narcissism in the thread? Cause boi... ;) (3-2 20:29)
  • Jasper: Hey you said it, not me ;) LOL just messing with you. (3-2 23:17)
  • zance: Riiiight   (3-3 01:42)
2018-3-1 23:31 Reply|
  • FloraSeastone: Congratulations! *confetti* (2-23 17:04)
  • zance: Haha, thanks! (2-23 19:28)
2018-2-22 16:10 Reply|
You're looking at the newest member of the PPR! Get ready folks, Overzealous Zeph hath been unleashed upon the masses!  
  • Cookies: AYY YES! So glad to have you on the team, Zeph! (2-21 01:56)
  • zance: Haha thanks Gard! (2-21 02:24)
  • Cookies: Yw xD (2-21 08:30)
2018-2-19 19:57 Reply|
Whispers on the lips of mice, The tips of fingers clack; Rumours swirl and fingers point, Concept and trust turns black...
  • Shiloh-chan: This is.. Great!^^' (2-8 01:47)
  • zance: Thanks! (2-8 14:36)
  • Shiloh-chan: Anytime haha ! xD Things like this are immensly inspiring! ^^; ~ Shiloh   (2-8 14:39)
  • zance: Aww, you're so nice! (2-8 14:58)
  • Shiloh-chan: Hahah ofc silly ^^; If I can make at least one person happy everyday.. I'm satisfied   ~ Shiloh (2-8 15:07)
2018-2-1 04:44 Reply|
I decided to cancel the New Year's Procession- I had a scheduling conflict pop up, and think even if I was able to host it, I've been too busy to have been able to make it very good.
2017-12-30 20:46 Reply|
*Dramatically stares out the window with a melancholy look*
  • Cookies: *Suddenly throws a snowball at Zeph* (12-29 13:01)
  • zance: HAHAHA! *Rushes to pack snowballs, starts firing back* (12-29 14:00)
  • Lavender-Marie: don't forget *pretends to be in a movie while listening to music and dramatically staring out the window with a melancholy look* (12-30 02:24)
  • beanytomo: if this aint me (12-30 15:44)
  • zance: haha Margo! *virtual high five* (12-30 20:33)
  • beanytomo: *virtual high five back* (12-31 13:52)
  • zance: Oh yes (12-30 20:33)
2017-12-27 23:47 Reply|
The NEW YEAR'S PROCESSION has been announced! I hope to see you all there!
2017-12-26 00:46 Reply|
Mainland activity swept me away for the past couple months... but I'm back! For now...
  • beanytomo: welcome back! for now lol (12-23 21:54)
  • zance:   TY! (12-23 22:03)
  • beanytomo: yw! (12-23 22:05)
  • Cookies: WELCOME BACK, ZEPH <3 I wish you could stay a while longer ;-; (12-25 14:45)
2017-12-22 23:27 Reply|
2017-10-31 19:15 Reply|
The Ghoulish Gathering was great! Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to Abigail Flickerfly for co-hosting with me!
2017-10-29 20:31 Reply|
I hope everyone can come to the Ghoulish Gathering Halloween party that Abigail Flickerfly and I have planned! Please see the party section of the forum for details! :)
  • Jasper: I should be there! (10-23 10:42)
  • zance: Missed you, Jas! :P Hope to see you around sometime soon! (10-29 20:30)
  • Jasper: Sorry I didn't show, I went to a haunted house irl last minute (10-29 22:08)
  • zance: Oooh now I'm jealous! Sounds fun (10-29 22:13)
  • Cookies: I'M EXCITED (10-25 23:21)
2017-10-22 20:53 Reply|
2017-10-20 15:43 Reply|
When did I become such a cynic? I only arrived in June.
2017-10-18 15:14 Reply|

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