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LooneyTunes♥ 2018-1-14 12:21
OOOOO ur page be lookin fab ali O:
donkeyollie2004 2018-1-14 11:48
beanytomo 2018-1-14 01:19
ooh new look
snaccboi 2018-1-13 21:42
ali_berry16: get lost on a ford motorcycle eating snacccs
aayyyeee ;)
beanytomo 2018-1-13 16:50
ali_berry16: henlo
WingsFlying 2018-1-13 15:56
ali_berry16: Hello! Brown   How are you?
Cherryblossom Heights.  Hello! Great! Here. Thanks!  How are you?
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-1-13 14:34
woof w o o f :)(:
Jasper 2018-1-12 04:32
I'm your #1 friend :))))
arianator3942 2018-1-12 01:01
ali_berry16: i usually use musicpleer! when you click the song you want, right-click where it says download and put the link where you would usually put your music ...
no cause it's a mash up
arianator3942 2018-1-11 19:12
By the way how did you get music to play right off the bat. All i can do is put a link to a download it won't play right away when i try.

Do you use some kind of software or site?
arianator3942 2018-1-11 19:11
Based on your profile pic I am guessing you are an ariana grande fan :)
Rhodon 2018-1-11 01:47
Rhodon 2018-1-11 01:45
ali_berry16: MOM!

I am not your mother
Rhodon 2018-1-11 00:00
ali_berry16: you're the fattest walrus of all walruses tyvm
i'm a cow, do not insult me
Rhodon 2018-1-11 00:00
ali_berry16: stop stalking me
says the kiddo who keeps commenting on my FB posts
Rhodon 2018-1-10 22:11
hello walrus that i love
Rhodon 2018-1-10 22:11
ali_berry16: your the family enemy
i have a better mommy- victoria
she made me a beauty queen
your so-called "mommy" can't even teach you how to use the word 'your' properly ;))
and ur a fat walrus
Rhodon 2018-1-10 20:17
ali_berry16: where am I mother I don't quite see myself with my brother michal
that's because you're not related to us and anybody who isn't in the family ain't got a place in the family portrait
MidnightEscape 2018-1-10 15:22
ali_berry16: o shoot
donkeyollie2004 2018-1-10 12:54
ali_berry16: ok so like you click the gif you want on google images then right click then click copy image address then paste it onto I think where you would norma ...
where do you normally put a pic up

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