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  • DescriptionPaprika Bumblewhisk
  • HobbiesBaking, SpeedChat
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Blue_Hiraeth 2019-6-17 23:56
JustLikeDulcie: Hi there!
Hi Paprika! :)
JustLikeDulcie 2019-4-5 21:34
Great! Thanks!
MoonChildPotter 2019-2-27 23:08
JustLikeDulcie: How are you?
Alright. Thx. You?
~ XO Moon
MoonChildPotter 2018-11-9 20:37
JustLikeDulcie: Hi there!
~ XO Moon
keypersforever 2018-8-23 21:46
Hiii Paprika Love your page!
Nánguā 2018-2-19 13:15
JustLikeDulcie: I'm a baking-talent, just like Dulcie!  I look forward to flying with you!
Can't wait to fly with you also.
daintypanda 2018-1-7 12:40
JustLikeDulcie: What is your favorite type of tea?
Hibiscus! Usually hibiscus with other flavors, like raspberry or green tea. ^^
donkeyollie2004 2017-12-11 10:13
ay dulcie
anastasia-lock 2017-8-3 10:47
JustLikeDulcie: Hey there! Nice to meet you!
You too!
anastasia-lock 2017-8-3 05:59
Hey! :)
wanderlust 2017-8-3 01:00
JustLikeDulcie: Flaptastic!  I can get a bonus if my friends sing!
wanderlust 2017-8-2 22:10
Ode to Joy *cry
HappyDerp 2017-7-9 21:06
Also, Nyan Nyan Nyan
HappyDerp 2017-7-9 20:12
Hey Paprika! You like baking, right?

Well, I had an idea: we could bake tarts for FABC events! :D What do you think?
Twili~ 2017-6-17 15:44
JustLikeDulcie: I'd love to help!  Lulu   I don't understand what to do for this game.  Lulu
Huh? Edit: Don't worry, I helped her out! ~
Lavender-Marie 2017-5-26 18:11
Welcome to FairyABC! If you ever need help or have questions, feel free to contact me (or any other mod/admin). In order to PM me, simply click my name and click "Send PM" under my profile picture on my page. If you require my assistance immediately and I'm not online, you can contact me at [email protected] You can email me or use hangouts, I don't really care which. I hope I can see you in-game :D
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