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"The way a crow / Shook down on me / The dust of snow / From a hemlock tree / Has given my heart / A change of mood / And saved some part / Of a day I had rued." (Robert Frost)
2018-3-28 17:09 Reply|
Spring break means a strict diet of avocadoes and Don Quijote.
2018-3-15 14:06 Reply|
Every day can be Pi day if you're irrational enough.
2018-3-14 13:05 Reply|
Every time I trim my nails, I sing a lament for all the knots I will be unable to untie for the next week.
2018-3-13 13:47 Reply|
Study music suggestions? Anyone, anyone?
  • Jasper: I listen to hour long ambient music compilations. (3-8 21:50)
  • FloraSeastone: Those are great for studying. Any favorites? (3-13 13:42)
2018-3-8 21:02 Reply|
I'm looking for some new study music. Anyone have some suggestions?
  • MidnightEscape: :') (4-28 23:29)
  • FloraSeastone: I just listened to about half of it while working on a paper. It's so soothing. Thanks! (5-1 12:21)
  • MidnightEscape: Np! (5-1 13:04)
2018-2-24 19:23 Reply|
Drinking rose herbal tea from a floral mug makes me feel rather like a fairy.
2018-2-23 19:05 Reply|
There are very few moods that cannot be improved by a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese.
2018-2-22 15:00 Reply|
Jingles, I'm a talent master!
2018-2-20 16:23 Reply|
Here's your weekly reminder to call your mom and tell her you love her. Just because.
2018-2-20 14:38 Reply|
A third of the way through this morning's fitness center routine, my friend and I decided it would be a better idea to leave the gym and go eat banana bread instead.
2018-2-16 17:13 Reply|
Happy Discounted Chocolate Day, everybody!
  • Jasper: My mom probably bought over 10 pounds of discount chocolate today and I'm not even exaggerating     (2-16 01:41)
  • FloraSeastone: Wowww, you have a great mom! What's your favorite chocolate candy? (2-16 17:10)
2018-2-15 20:31 Reply|
It's a curious thing -- just a few flowers in an empty bottle on my counter make me feel more refreshed and serene
2018-2-13 14:21 Reply|
Put your hands in the air like you care too much about everything
2018-2-13 02:28 Reply|
There are more books in the library than I will ever be able to read in my lifetime, and this is both a problem and the opposite of a problem
2018-2-8 15:17 Reply|
Finding out yesterday that the first episode of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is legitimately funny was one of the biggest plot twists of my life.
2017-12-14 16:35 Reply|
Well...I amend my previous statement. The beginning and end of MTR is pretty cheesy, but there's a solid 30-45 minutes in the middle that's still so clever and good.
2017-12-14 00:36 Reply|
Honestly, the movie Meet the Robinsons is underrated. I haven't seen it in at least 8 years and it's still so clever and good.
2017-12-11 20:24 Reply|
I want nothing more than to sit on my bed, watch an episode of Miraculous, and eat some chile limon ruedita snacks.
2017-12-4 02:16 Reply|
Note to self: don't be stingy with tape when making paper chains. One of the links sprang apart and scared me because I thought the rustling paper was actually thousands of spiders exploding.
2017-11-30 01:59 Reply|

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