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Share Happy Thanksgiving!
2017-11-23 13:50
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone eats a lot of food and has a great day.
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2017-10-8 14:27
IT COMES OUT TOMORROW! I'm super excited, if you can tell.
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2017-9-24 14:29
Yay! I would be officially a minister right now if I wasn't a member of the staff! When I joined back in early April, I looked at the ministers and thought, "Wow, they're so official... I want to be one!" I thought I would never reach this milestone back then, but here I am! YAY
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Share New Mods!
2017-9-17 00:29
Woot woot! Congrats to all of the new staff!
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Share Credits
2017-9-14 21:12
I had 2703 credits, and then I went down to 2651 when I reloaded the page. Does anyone know how this happened?
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Share Hurricane
2017-9-11 15:53
I had school off because of Hurricane Irma, rip me, anyone else?
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Share 9-4-18= A day to remember.
2017-9-4 23:24
We had three of our most valuable members say they were leaving today. Let's not forget them.
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Share Talent Master Challenge!
2017-6-27 18:39
I'm almost a Talent Master, so I decided to do a challenge. I will try to become one before midnight tomorrow evening! Hope I can do it!
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Share Bored yet excited
2017-6-24 17:37
I'm really bored right now, but I'm leaving on my trip tomorrow. So yeah. Feel free to chat with me if you're bored too! #BoredSquad
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Share Short Hiatus! (Trip)
2017-6-19 09:53
Hi guys! I won't be able to be on FABC from June 25-30 because I'm going on a mission trip. No electronics But I'll be having a great time anyway! It's always fun. Thanks!
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