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SarahStardust 2016-10-6 19:20
Le_Fay: Unfortunately no, my family caught me watching Sherlock, loved it, and are making me restart the whole show to watch it together. I was on the episode ...
Ahhh I see! Well, I'm glad to hear it! Now you won't be the black sheep in your family, haha~ ^^ Tbh I've actually rewatched the whole show so many times I've lost count. XD
SarahStardust 2016-10-6 14:28
Le_Fay: Just... that gif XD
Have you watched The Reichenbach Fall yet?? That's my fave episode! ^^
SarahStardust 2016-10-6 14:27
Le_Fay: Just... that gif XD
Omg ikr XD! He is totes adorable and hilarious and wonderful (not to mention gorgeous   )  ♥

And lol yasss I love it~ XD It's so funny especially when you know how that scene goes, haha.
SarahStardust 2016-10-5 23:34
Le_Fay: You're welcome! Btw, Sherlock is flippin' awesome! I think I'm up to episode five now...
YASSS so you've met Moriarty then (AKA my fave character) XD ^^
MangoTango 2016-10-5 21:02
"I <3 Loki" -- don't we all? :p
SarahStardust 2016-10-3 18:52
Le_Fay: Well, I'm on episode 3 now! By the way, to help with your replying problem, on the top right of the message you wish to reply to there are these links ...
SarahStardust 2016-10-3 15:41
(P.S. Idk how to make proper replies on here, sorry D: ^^')
SarahStardust 2016-10-3 15:37
Omggg I'm so glad you're liking it! XD AHH but just you wait till the next episode...! I won't say anything because spoilers, but my fave character (and actor) in the entire universe is in that next episode... ^^ ♥
SarahStardust 2016-10-3 15:24
OMG YASSS~ XD What do you think of it??
P.S. You are very welcome heheh! ^^
LabsNotDabs✨ 2016-10-2 16:27
Le_Fay: so fab O_O
LabsNotDabs✨ 2016-10-2 16:25
Hey Faye!

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