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People are not toys. Do not discard them as such. People are not unfeeling, unseeing, or oblivious. Treat them with kindness and sincerity.
2016-12-14 19:40 Reply|
No. A strawberry shake. No. Diet Coke. No. Both.
2016-12-13 20:03 Reply|
...chicken nuggets. A ketchup boat, three potato pancakes, a creamsicle, two quesadillas, a bread loaf, side of ranch, some pixie stix, taco salad, order of ribs, Aaaaaand... a diet coke...
2016-12-13 20:02 Reply|
I'm hungry. Does anyone have it in their soul to feed me? Ok, great!  Um, let me get some tater tots. Oh, and also a slice of pepperoni pizza. And also a basket of jalapeno poppers. And some...
2016-12-13 20:00 Reply|
Where my people at O_O  
2016-12-7 16:33 Reply|
I love my friends: Harmony, Juniper, Raven, Anastasia, River, and Violet. I'm grateful for my newest friends: Mag and Crystal. And I hope to welcome more friends to come  
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Glad to have you on the site also. <3 (12-6 00:58)
  • Morgana: Thank you! I forgot to mention Alexa and Petunia. Whoops! (12-6 07:21)
  • crystahlll: omg hi!! are you in the hollow rn XD (12-13 14:36)
  • Morgana: Hi! I'm not, but I do hope to meet you soon! I'm Faye on the Hollow. I can let you know when I'm on next time? (12-13 17:29)
2016-12-5 23:07 Reply|
I'm always very thankful for the wonderful and lovely friends I have made on this site. It has made integrating myself into the community so much easier and helped me grow as a person  
2016-12-5 23:04 Reply|
1000 visitors?!?!  First, I'd love to thank my stalkers for being such a constant in my life. Next, I'd like to thank my friends (most of which are my stalkers) for making up 95% of my visits  
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Yaaaay! Congratulations. I *totally* do not give you one view a day, hahahaha. (12-3 19:26)
  • Morgana: Just as I totally don't do that either. And then continue to stalk your page. I mean, who does that? *nervous laugh* (12-3 19:29)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Yeah, nobody. Totally none of us, hahahahahaha. (12-3 19:29)
  • Morgana: Not me, that's for sure :) I just happen to look at your page once in a blue moon. It's not like I do it everyday or anything. That's just impossible and absurd XD (12-3 19:31)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Haha. (12-3 19:32)
2016-12-3 18:25 Reply|
My house is a war-zone. I can hear ominous jingling in the distance... The lights... They're coming for me. It's... OMG! The Christmas ornaments are coming!  
2016-12-3 13:11 Reply|
My page is making me struggle, I'll edit tomorrow...  
2016-12-2 22:57 Reply|
Need to edit my space soon  
2016-12-2 06:34 Reply|
I'm laugh-snorting so hard right now XD
2016-12-1 19:37 Reply|
Just got the black screen of death O_O
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Aha. Closely related to the blue screen of death. They're cousins. (12-1 18:36)
  • Morgana: Is the server ejecting everyone every five minutes or just me XD (12-1 18:45)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I think it might just be you, sadly. :c (12-1 18:52)
  • Morgana: Ah, it seems the server hates me XD (12-1 18:55)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Still having issues? (12-1 18:56)
  • Morgana: Occasionally, but not as much as before. (12-1 18:59)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Ah, well I home they subside. (12-1 19:03)
  • Morgana: I spoke too soon. The server killed me O_O (12-1 19:06)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: NO!!!! NOT FAYEEEE. D: (12-1 19:07)
  • Morgana: Remember me... *dies* (12-1 19:09)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: *sniffles* (12-1 19:38)
  • Morgana: I keep glitching... How long is this supposed to last O_O (12-1 19:40)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Until the server freezes over from all the Frost homes. (12-1 19:42)
  • Morgana: I can't be a part of a conversation for more than 30 seconds. (12-1 19:44)
2016-12-1 16:43 Reply|
D-d-d-d-d-d-drop the bass  
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Duh, duh, dududududududududu... (I hope that is correct). (12-4 21:56)
  • Morgana: OMG That's perfect XD (12-4 23:25)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I tried. That is still stored in my memory from five years ago. (12-4 23:26)
  • Morgana: Five years ago must've been a very memorable and amazing time XD (12-5 08:17)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Haha, for sure. (12-5 16:50)
2016-11-25 17:17 Reply|
When the beat drops O_O
2016-11-24 21:52 Reply|
Feel the FIREEEE *goes super saiyan*  
2016-11-24 21:51 Reply|
I can't handle Trap Nation. These drops are slaying my soul  
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Oh, for sure. It's hypnotic. (11-25 00:16)
  • Morgana: You listen to it too? XD (11-25 02:13)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Yes, from time to time. EDM is one of my favorite genres. (11-25 18:46)
  • Morgana: Geez, Violet. I like you more and more everyday XD (11-25 18:52)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Yay. ^^ (11-25 20:27)
2016-11-24 21:50 Reply|
Poor soul, you know who you are XD
2016-11-23 13:55 Reply|
Did. Not. Mean. To. Send. That. Greeting. #I'mNotStalkingYou
2016-11-23 13:55 Reply|
Oh my, my puns are on the brink of being terrible. I apologize for the inconvenience  
2016-11-23 13:33 Reply|

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